Thursday, December 6, 2012

PHIL ANDERSON speaks about " CCN "!

" Change Cycling now " has been in the headlines this week , far more visible than the phats of aigle would feel happy about ! In the ROAR article , Phil speaks out ;

My comment as issued , currently  awaiting Moderation !

  "  G'day Phil ,
 You will recall our many meetings at the side of the TDF , when you were shepherding your Client guests ! Last time we spoke , i guess would be at the 2009 TDF ,  in the South of France under the Ville Arrivee  big screen . You and those with you , rode past the Bus Shelter where we were having a cook up prior to driving to the ITT , the next day . The remark of a guest that i was camping there contributed to the decision to set up the tents .

 As i write , the " CCN ( ) Petitioners has passed 3200 , that is in 3 days . Shows that there is need for Cyclists to be able to express their ANGER to the way that " UCI " has been mismanaged these past 20 years . I am on record as saying that ALL RESULTS from 1970 should be set aside !  EPO has been around longer BUT where do you start ?

Regretably " Big Mig " has had the finger pointed at him , numerous times in CNFclinic , Riis has put his hand up , Ulrich paid out money for the German Authorities to drop their action , we all know about Pantani & Armstrong , flandis got displaced by a " doubtful contender , Castre ( No reports against him ) is from Spain and worked for Riis , Contador has served a suspension and is Spanish . Now we come to Evans & Wiggins , both are hard workers and whilst i am sympathetic to their circumstances , both had questionable " Staff " and employers . Brailsford is busy clearing out ALL those who are " tainted " and Andy Rhys ran " Phonak Team ( where all publicity is GOOD ) now employs many question m,arks at BMC !

In setting up the following petitions i looked for ways for a soft landing for the Cycle Racers , many have crossed the line and deserve " redemption "!  Matt white has been " shafted " for being honest and Steve Hodge in trying to be an Exemplary Person has been tarred . Brailsford has worked against solving " OMERTA " by threatening " Dismissal " as did Patrick Lefevre at Quickstep by dismissing Levi ( 1996 was the start of his disgrace , and Quickstep would you believe ? didn't  know ) Leipheimer : …
& …

Whether you did or didn't cross the line is for you to declare but I WILL ASSUME that if you choose not to sign onto the " GG Petition " that there are questions you choose not to answer !

As one of the premier Aussie Sportsmen , you can influence the fate of others ! It reminds me pof the sheriff whom i have not seen since the TDS when he reminded me of " things he claims i said in 1999 !  Either good memory or choosing to bend my doubts of his past associations ?

Enjoyed your article but would wish to point out that Mike Ashenden was asked to stand but Greg was " cornered ( his words elsewhere ) " , as it turns out , this was the best outcome since Tuesday as it snowed here in Austria , i pedalled in the house and flipped channel from one Major News Network to another , ALL , showed " CCN Meeting facility and Greg . One channel showed "phat mc quack's " back , but whilst you 6 I would notice him , very few others would , nor was he named !

" CCN " is in it's infancy and phat has already tried to derail it with his request for Submissions / help by the 10th Dec , that is like  someone  " dragging a bush across a trail " ?  Problem for ANYONE wishing change is the " UCI ( old boys club/network ) Constitution ! Vested interests will be at work to preserve the " Status Quo "!  You already know how much difficulty there is with Gaudry V Turtur in Oceania , so how much more complex will the " Presidency fight " become ?

Looking forward to your reply , which will be added to this comment that will be posted on  blog  ! "

No doubt you will have views as to the effect on Phil's Legacy of any disparaging remarks made by those inhabiting the " Clinic " where ALL are free to adopt " Psuedenoms and fictitious IP addresses " and throw as much mud as they can find energy or time . Just occasionally there is a Needle in the haystack worth the effort to endure the odour !

Additionally contacted UK ADA  , as i saw a Tweet about David Howman's visit , have previously written to John Fahy with NO RESPONSE so far :


 Found the tweet about David Howman's visit : IF he is still there show him these links please , meanwhile encourage others to sign on !

 The " " petition has many elements that i have addressed the past years , of course who am i to tell people what to do ? …
& …

Looking forward to the UCI being RUN CORRECTLY for the BENEFIT OF ALL ATHLETES !

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