Sunday, September 23, 2012

Mike Ashenden weighs in for Paul Kimmage !

Mike Ashenden resigned from " UCI " because they tried to " muzzle " him ! The odious creatures that control the " UCI " are since 1991 doing ALL they can to turn Professional Cycling into their version of " HELL ON EARTH " for the Racers ! Though the Racers in the top echelons are paid well , though in the lower ranks struggle through their first years to survive as they seek recognition .

Paul Kimmage used to be employed by " The Times " but it seems that he was laid off through Staffing Cuts . At least that is their story . Having written a well researched article for " The Times " and " L'Equipe " , Paul now faces a court in Switzerland in December , since two Employees of a Swiss Corporation are suing him . It matters not , that he has reported the truth ! What will matter to the Swiss Court is that he has " defamed/libelled " people working in Switzerland !  Guess what the verdict will be since the court and the Organisation are both in the same Canton ? YOU GOT IT !  GUILTY !

Mike Ashenden hearing of Paul's predicament wrote the following letter :

Dear Paul,
I was shocked to read today that you have received a subpoena related to defamation proceedings brought against you by Pat McQuaid, Hein Verbruggen and the UCI itself.

It is not clear to me what the basis for the proceeding is; to the best of my knowledge it has not been publicly disclosed. Regardless, I find it deeply disturbing that, amidst the current turmoil surrounding cycling, you have been singled out.

I do not believe that court is the appropriate remedy in the current circumstances. For example, I don’t expect that WADA will sue him after Pat McQuaid claimed that WADA had launched a ‘15-year long political campaign against cycling’. Although his comments certainly do not reflect well on WADA’s integrity, to their credit WADA have shown admirable restraint.

I sincerely hope that after a period of reflection the UCI will adopt a similar attitude regarding your comments too.

Nonetheless, today I have had a change of heart. Earlier this year one of the UCI’s Passport cases that I had worked on as a member of their expert panel had to be dropped after we had received the rider’s explanation and us group of three experts could not reach a consensus decision. At the time, I chose not to invoice the UCI for the hours and hours which I had spent working on that case since October 2011.

However, your subpoena gave me pause to reflect, and I have decided to invoice the UCI a token amount of 260 Euro (two hours at our expert rate) for my contributions on that case. I have simultaneously deposited that amount into your defense fund.

I sincerely hope you are not required to pay a fine. However in case you are, I hope it is some solace that to some degree you would be merely handing the UCI’s own money back to them.

Please keep up your good work – The Times They Are a-Changin’.

Best wishes,
Mike Ashenden

Currently trying to get the " Chip in link " onto my blogs as i did for the " Charles Pelkey " matter last year !

Sunday Times has done this and the link is here :

The " chip in " item is near the bottom of this page in Sunday Times Sport !

This items below ALSO came to my attention and Paul's book is on my list of " Christmas Presents "!

Buying Rough ride on iTunes or Amazon will get money to Paul also but I'm not sure how quickly. It's a great read!

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