Sunday, September 23, 2012

Mike Ashenden weighs in for Paul Kimmage !

Mike Ashenden resigned from " UCI " because they tried to " muzzle " him ! The odious creatures that control the " UCI " are since 1991 doing ALL they can to turn Professional Cycling into their version of " HELL ON EARTH " for the Racers ! Though the Racers in the top echelons are paid well , though in the lower ranks struggle through their first years to survive as they seek recognition .

Paul Kimmage used to be employed by " The Times " but it seems that he was laid off through Staffing Cuts . At least that is their story . Having written a well researched article for " The Times " and " L'Equipe " , Paul now faces a court in Switzerland in December , since two Employees of a Swiss Corporation are suing him . It matters not , that he has reported the truth ! What will matter to the Swiss Court is that he has " defamed/libelled " people working in Switzerland !  Guess what the verdict will be since the court and the Organisation are both in the same Canton ? YOU GOT IT !  GUILTY !

Mike Ashenden hearing of Paul's predicament wrote the following letter :

Dear Paul,
I was shocked to read today that you have received a subpoena related to defamation proceedings brought against you by Pat McQuaid, Hein Verbruggen and the UCI itself.

It is not clear to me what the basis for the proceeding is; to the best of my knowledge it has not been publicly disclosed. Regardless, I find it deeply disturbing that, amidst the current turmoil surrounding cycling, you have been singled out.

I do not believe that court is the appropriate remedy in the current circumstances. For example, I don’t expect that WADA will sue him after Pat McQuaid claimed that WADA had launched a ‘15-year long political campaign against cycling’. Although his comments certainly do not reflect well on WADA’s integrity, to their credit WADA have shown admirable restraint.

I sincerely hope that after a period of reflection the UCI will adopt a similar attitude regarding your comments too.

Nonetheless, today I have had a change of heart. Earlier this year one of the UCI’s Passport cases that I had worked on as a member of their expert panel had to be dropped after we had received the rider’s explanation and us group of three experts could not reach a consensus decision. At the time, I chose not to invoice the UCI for the hours and hours which I had spent working on that case since October 2011.

However, your subpoena gave me pause to reflect, and I have decided to invoice the UCI a token amount of 260 Euro (two hours at our expert rate) for my contributions on that case. I have simultaneously deposited that amount into your defense fund.

I sincerely hope you are not required to pay a fine. However in case you are, I hope it is some solace that to some degree you would be merely handing the UCI’s own money back to them.

Please keep up your good work – The Times They Are a-Changin’.

Best wishes,
Mike Ashenden

Currently trying to get the " Chip in link " onto my blogs as i did for the " Charles Pelkey " matter last year !

Sunday Times has done this and the link is here :

The " chip in " item is near the bottom of this page in Sunday Times Sport !

This items below ALSO came to my attention and Paul's book is on my list of " Christmas Presents "!

Buying Rough ride on iTunes or Amazon will get money to Paul also but I'm not sure how quickly. It's a great read!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

CADEL WON THE 2005 Tour de France

Hein and Phat , listen up ! There are people doing the work that your minions have chosen not to do , YET ! As people will see , some are able to see the wood from the trees , and reach fairly logical conclusions from the existing information available . Of course that tome written by shamilton may change a few things in the information made available by their efforts !

Listed below in date order , are the blogs that i have found presenting their conclusions and worthy of your attention :

My coming across these blogs , came through a variety of resources , but i feel sure that the " Clinic " on CNF , had something to do with that . Seems the mushroom farm is good for something worthwhile occasionally .

What a pity that the " UCI " is such a mess of problems that both Cadel , as indicated by the conclusions drawn , for 2005 and Georg Totschnig  in 2004 , will not be presented with their wins when the 2013 edition of " Le Tour " begins on Corsica ! In celebrating the 100th Edition of  " Le Tour ", would it not be great to see ONLY those who are " Clean of Drugs " participate ?

Please take note of what was said by " Scotslawyer ":

 "  What this exercise does, I think, is demonstrate the futility of looking to change the record book by awarding titles, long after the fact, to people who did not win on the track or field.
This is different from disqualifying Ben Johnson the day after his 100m win at Seoul. “Fixing” the result within days, or weeks is probably in order, and in fact even within a year of the event would be possible.
However, going further than that risks creating strange results, not reflective of competition.
If, for example, the first seven finishers in the 2000 Tour had not entered, or had been disqualified as the race proceeded, then Escartín and his Kelme team would, in all probability, have had to ride the race in a totally different way, and the people who were just behind him in the General Classification would have attacked differently too. There is a big difference between how a rider races when 18 minutes behind the yellow jersey, and 18 seconds behind.
That is why my idea, which, when I started this piece, seemed a whimsical one, namely the Tour D’Utopia, could in fact have a place in sport. "

Some people think that the IOC is as badly run as the UCI and with the board of WADA having people like Phat as members of the Foundation Board of WADA , one wonders if there is not a taint of suspicion ? How much linkage is there between WADA and SportsAccord  when WADA funds the Salaries of SportsAccord personnel ?

Governments will listen to the IOC and WADA through their National Branches so it is not difficult to believe that these bodies have the power to seek their cooperation in instituting an " AMNESTY in ALL SPORTS "!  Would it not be worth while for Governments to allow Athletes to avoid " Double Jeopardy " when they choose to cooperate with a " Truth & Reconciliation  Commission " in the allotted Time Span , thus paving the way to discovering and destroying the resources and incomes of Criminals supplying the Products used in Doping ?

With WADA  conducting a meeting in Stockholm concerning " Doping as a Public Health Issues " , attended by World Health experts from the likes of  World Health Organization ( WHO ) , the International Olympic Committee (IOC), the United Nations Education, Science and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), INTERPOL and WADA . Link for more details here :

Earlier in the week there was another meeting in St Petersburg of the " Athletes Commission " regarding changes to the World Anti Doping Code , link here :

Those at this meeting were concerned with the " Code review process " and their personal experiences will help to shape the 2015 version of the WADA Code ! People such as David Millar will be able to relate their experiences at the sharp end of the WADA experience ! In visiting the following website you will notice the background is of a Wheelchair race which no doubt will remind people that even Paralympians are involved in the collection of data needed to shape the 2015 WADA Code !

2012 London Paralympics detected several users of HGH , using new testing procedures , only recently introduced .  That they were not used at the 2012 Olympics , was a policy decision by those in the IOC , seeking to avoid controversy . Perhaps they  used the tests but decided not to publish the results ?  " Shamateurs " use whatever they can get their hands on for what purpose ? You guessed right ,  " BRAGGING RIGHTS "!  Of course Professional Athletes would not stoop to these means to inflate their income , prestige or EGO , would they ?  Some years ago i overheard Masters Cyclists " bragging about their " Supplements and bike weights " , they still continue , no doubt with the same methods , to attend events , thinking they need these underhand abilities to enhance their lives ?

AS to the minor placings for the years that LANCE  won , do we need to bother ? Doubtful that anyone cares ! Only Contador seems to have been  replaced in the records and that by a suspected Racer who regularly follows the same training regime as his brother . Mud sticks , so it is not surprising that Andy has not taken the step of returning to racing after his Spinal problems mid year .

Off to watch the end of the Women Road Race and then out on the bike if the rain will only stop for a while .