Sunday, November 10, 2013


Rarely do you hear the OUTRAGE that you see here ! Disregard for the Parents of a senseless Road Tragedy , seems to be the way the Judiciary , treat so many cases of Criminal Driving these days ?

The following link will reveal the contents of the parent's Letter to the Queensland Premier :

The Family have suffered loss and thoughtfully the Father has voiced his concerns about the Queensland States current Laws . What they have suffered , should not be allowed to be visited on other families . So often the Authorities choose to be influenced by the " silver tongued advocates " hired by the GUILTY !

With both the Son and his Wife's Health problems weighing on his Mind , should Colin Walsh be asked to continue with his current occupation ? From the sound of his letter , his finances were severely impacted by the tragedy visited on his family and thus he is forced to continue working at a time he feels conflicted about his employment ? There appears to be an unfair burden of responsibility being placed on this grieving Parent?

Currently Queensland Government is accepting submissions on Cycling Matters , which relates to the fact that Their Roads are in need of constant consideration :

There is a photo of the vaious State Gov. Petitions under consideration here :

Elsewhere the Judiciary treat Cyclist's death with undue cavalier  leniency :

Then there is the case of Joshua Alper in the USA , where he was mown down , but the Law Enforcement
Officer , was too lazy , to write a Citation for the UNLAWFUL falling asleep , by the Driver of the vehicle that killed him !

Sadly , even when Cyclists take to riding Bike Paths , accidents occur , and this was the reported case in the Sydney Suburb of Kurnell , when a Cyclist crashed and after being in a Coma , for some days , died of the injuries suffered . Will the Coroner demand that the Local authorities account for their Maintainance procedures ?