Thursday, December 27, 2012

ONLY in the USA !

Los Angeles is at the cutting edge when it comes to " taking an Initiative "! Normally May each year , there is a " Collection of Weapons , thus generating " Gift Coupons " as a reward ! $100 " gift Voucher for Hand Guns , etc and $200 for Assault type weapons . Last May somewhere around 1700 items were exchanged on a " No Questions asked basis .

Due to the Newtown Atrocity , a new " Collection of Weapons " is reported to have begun ! How can anyone justify an " Anti Tank Gun " , in their possession ? Can you imagine how anyone could take this item out in public , let alone hunting ? Could it have been a souvenir of a member of the " Armed Services ? Not the sort of item that any "Right thinking Person " would keep in their home , let alone in an unlocked storage facility ? In a previous Blog Post , i had suggested that Weapons be turned in at the National Guard in return for a " Tax Rebate "! Costs the Government , little , to forego some revenue ! Seems that the Los Angeles Initiative gets results over the years , wonder why this is not a more common occurance  throughout the USA ?

When Australia enacted Legislation for " Gun Control in 1996 , there was also a " Buy Back Scheme ": There were penalties for " Possession of a Sanctioned Weapon " after a certain date , but , i am sure most owners were happy to take the " Rewards on Offer "!  Tax Rebates , may not be as attractive as giving " Gift Vouchers " , but they will mean less chance of people not complying with Legislation .

CNN reports another Initiative that i believe is worthwhile . A Newspaper , " Journal news ",  has printed a listing of ALL Gun Permit Owners in TWO Counties of New York State . this is backed up by an " Interactive  Map " !   This Interactive Map  allows you to Zoom in on ALL your neighbours , this info being compiled from Public Information . Naturally , there is now a controversy regarding the " Rights & Wrongs " of this " Public spirited Action "!  Some families will now be perusing those lists , checking to see whether the Childrens " Friends " , are listed , deciding whether they have issues about their Children visiting those premises ?

On the Contra side there are those suggesting the " Criminal Elements " will be able to utilise this info , for their benefit ? Looking to obtain some weapons , or knowing who can be regarded as " Defenceless " , are just a few of the ideas floated as justification for this Initiative , NOT being utilised by others releasing similar information elsewhere .

CONGRESS is supposedly returning to Washington before the New Year , WHAT is stopping them from following Los Angeles and using the " Legislation appied THERE " , to create an IMMEDIATE " BUY BACK Scheme " in their States and " Districts "?

Are these politicians SO COWARDLY that they want to see more " Giffords , more NEWTOWNS , more "First Responders " massacred ?

WHY are people not on the phone to their ELECTED REPS , demanding INITIATIVES  and ACTION TODAY ?

Are you going to sit back after reading this and NOT VISIT :

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