Thursday, February 17, 2011


AUTOMATIC FLOOD COVER is part of the Suncorp policy and that message was sent out Loud & Clear at a conference today by CEO Patrick Snowball !

People retired to Queensland whilst i worked in Sydney for the relaxed way of life and weather. Lots heard of the weather extremes but rarely would it have registered to the extent that anyone refused to buy a property because of the flood contingency.

Too often Real Estate Agents knew of the possible risks but would have fudged the facts so as not to lose the sale. Those days it was rare to live in a property for more than a few years since all but the retired were upwardly mobile. Newcomers to the property market would before this year give little thought to Flooding and the possible outcomes thus reading the "House Insurance Policies" closely would have given no warning of what has now been an onerous burden to many. "Live now, pay later" is a marketing ploy many retailers use, so there are many Flood victims with possessions, part paid, but destroyed by the flooding . Receiving Government assistance welcome or not goes very little of the pay to meeting the down payments let alone replacement costs.

Patrick Snowball's speech link here:

"Premier Mike Rann " Tweeted today about the flood water runoff from Queensland being below earlier estimates but still will affect the Murray Bridge area about the 24th feb. Those living in flood areas or campsites will no doubt have made arrangements to have their property on higher ground. His tweets can be found on

Would like to know how many householders are arguing the outcomes with their insurers and agents considering the extent of the disaster befell Queensland. Insurance companies were never my favourite people and when i dropped a box of Crystal Glass on the doorstep at a Bondi residence in 1980 as i prepared for a dinner party away from home i discovered the shortcomings of an "All Risks policy" ! Smashed Glass and empty promises were that result .

Whilst watching the TV coverage of the flooding i wondered about the ability of the "Adaptive/Disabled community " to cope with the additional burdens imposed on them. Certainly the Media and authorities would have covered their plight in their ongoing operations.

Having offered assistance back in December 2010 i now see that had i travelled to Queensland by air i could have triggered an even more severe case of Embolisms than i am currently enduring. Crashing the bike on Friday last in Carnoux area near Toulon shook me up and on Sunday a slight dose of the symptoms similar to those in august 2009 aroused my anxiety. Repeat appearances on Sunday evening and Monday morning caused further misgivings.

Being in South France i rode around Nice in the morning and Ventimiglia area in the afternoon.After a visit to UCMonaco HQ during the early evening i suffered a severe attack of pain and decided a fast return to Schwaz was essential. As i drove i had the heater on the feet and after a half hour of difficulty with short breathing, relief starts to kick in as i relaxed .

Piacenza is the home of Pierangelo Vignati the Paralympic Gold Medalist of Sydney 2000 and the Vivo Sport Store whose Cycle uniform i am seen wearing as i ride the route of the Pro Tour Grand Tours. Both parties received me kindly and i enjoyed their hospitality before continuing on the route through to Austria.

Stopped in Cles and Clos in the Valley Non but some of the people i should like to have seen were unavailable , Bruno the Apple Farmer being on holiday in Canada .

Schwaz Hospital at 2300hrs Tuesday was able to run blood tests and have me in residence very quickly and now after MRI scans yesterday and the Ultrasonic Examination this afternoon i am now told that i have a clear left leg but the right lower leg has several thombosi afloat. There was a long winded term for this Thromboembolism condition but i failed to register it in my dismay. Suffice to say i will be wearing compression stockings( do they only come in White?) the next several weeks as the Sinstrom works on thinning the blood. DR Wanke turns out to be a keen cyclist who spends a lot of time cycling in France also so we enjoyed reminiscing about the area.

Lack of snow through mild conditions meant cycling began earlier this year and now in good condition i have to step back whilst the body heals so that i have a reasonable chance of arriving in Torino for the Giro d'Italia .

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Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Australia is receiving a battering lately ! Beat the recession and now copping a few "knockout blows":

Hope this is only a temporary situation but the Queensland floods will send some excess water through to Murray Bridge, Sth Australia.