Friday, August 3, 2012


Last week i had several visits to the area around the Dorney Olympic Rowing Venue owned by and nearby  Eton College and Windsor for those looking for the site on a map .

Luckily for me i found yet another team of Aussie Rowers on their way from their training , they were kind enough to pose for this photo :

When we parted i said , " The next time i see you ladies will be on the Podium wearing the GOLD !" . WELL I was nearly right . Below is a photo of them on the podium wearing the SILVER MEDAL !

Congratulations to Kate and Sarah , you have made your family PROUD of you , and of course the Aussie Fans ! As a proud Aussie i think that your being at the Games was a success , but carrying off a medal was icing on the cake ! So many of your colleagues have been disappointed but " Whether you Win or Lose ,  IT IS HOW YOU PLAY THE GAME "!

Congrats to all the Aussies for being selected to represent our Country , we are ALL PROUD of your efforts !