Wednesday, August 31, 2011

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MUM ! Missed the Presentation !

Saturday at the World Masters Cycling Federation Event was a disaster after the earlier fine weather of the week ! Last year also followed the same pattern of warm sunny conditions until the last day when temperatures plummeted and the rain lashed St Johann in Tyrol . This was the day of the " Elite Racers " and thus those taking part were mostly prepared for rain but not for the near freezing conditions at about 800m . Going uphill was not so bad but the descents were reported as abomnible . When the weather cleared after the race , wouldn't you believe there was a glimmer of sun and snow on the mountains down to about 1100m although no depth and gone in the morning ! Franz from Perth , WA arrived back at the " Permanence " expecting to find the masseur so as to warm up . Instead he found me , and because of Hyperthermia setting in he was on the point of collapse . Holding onto a pillar after he had stripped i rubbed him down to get him dry and get the blood circulating once again . Dressed in dry gear i drove him back to his pension and arranged to meet later . All was OK at 2000hrs except the Organisation called a delay of 15 mins so we went for a Hot Chocolate and wandered back . As we neared the Festivities Franz spotted the winner strolling down the street carrying his trophy , you guessed it , the expected order was overturned and because the crowd was disgruntled there was a game of catch up .
Franz had phoned his Mum that morning to wish her a " Happy 70th Birthday " and promised a trophy as her present . Just that thought alone had kept him in the race despite the dire conditions . He had finished 6th which was within the placings he had aimed to achieve . When we reached the stage area the presentation was starting into the next grouping so Franz went back stage to arrange matters . After the presentations had finished we were able to stage our own as you can see from the photos .

Tuesday, August 9, 2011


COuld this be one of the "Mindless thugs" running riot in LOndon ? WELL you mug , what are you going to do with the TV in the cell that is reserved for you ? Some of the " Looters " obviously do not think or consider the result of their behaviour . The following item shows that a child will be with it's Grandmother whilst the culprit enjoys her visit to a " Holiday Camp " : This item is despicable : he deserves to be in a padded cell or alone in the Falklands breaking rocks ! On a more positive note , this item explores some of the reasons for what is happening in London : Another opinion blogged by an Aussie who lived in London for 6 years but now in Australia :