Sunday, May 15, 2011

GiRO 2011 musings

Matt Lloyd , Aussie talent extraordinaire is not at the Giro which is greatly disappointing for me since today he would have shone brightly as he did last year to win the Mountain Jersey .

Getting hit by two cars is not a career enhancing choice and that Lotto did not support him is to their detriment .

Link here for the Cyclingnews article .

Decided that the journey south from Orvieto was pointless with such long transfers and as i watched the action the past days on TV i recognised many towns and vistas that i have travelled past in previous Giros . Approached by a young lady in Orvieto asking after Richie Porte in English reminded me that i had met up with a bunch of Aussies in Rapallo finish area where i was reluctant to voice my concerns about the Boco crash .

In my 20's i used to take ocean voyages with the possibility of a romance or two along the way as a bonus , seems that the Cycle Tour of Europe now fills that function . Amongst those i spoke with were guys and gals from Perth, Melbourne and Sydney . .No doubt with eyes wide open they will see that their next visits will be far less expensive when they club together to arrange their own facilities via the internet . As singles there are many disadvantages that an organised trip will overcome provided you do not have to hang around to long or too often for those that stretch the envelope

As i write this blog i am hearing a wierd mix of news on the radio with it being the Israely Founding Anniversary and the IMF chief in strife and watching the Eurosport timeline of the day's racing up Mt Etna . Curiously my comment of over an hour ago has not been published . Doubt they want a prediction that Contador will try not to put the Maglia Rosa on today .

RAI TV has just started so with that being the case "See you later"!