Friday, April 19, 2013

Giro del Trentino 2013 .

15th visit to the Trentino , took me back to Lienz , where i first discovered , this " Special Event "! Regarded as a warm up for the Giro d'Italia by the racers , it amazes me that the Aussie Tour Operators , have overlooked a prime opportunity to line their pockets and provide the average Aussie Cycling Fan with ready access to the STARS of Road Racing !

 My first visits to the Giro del Trentino , have included Marco Pantani and Jan Ulrich , as well as other notables such as Aussies ,  Tom Leiper and Graeme Brown amongst many . This year we had Cameron Wurf and Cadel Evans representing Oz ! Seems to me that the Giro rarily has more than Two Racers although there are years when i am the only Aussie , present . Most of the management are friendly and the Racers certainly remember me and treat me as family . Some of the Cycling Fans even invite me to join them for a drink or meal roadside , as they do at the Giro d' Ìtalia and Tour de France .

 Cameron Wurf was with Champion Systems before joining Cannondale and working with Ivan Basso .
Very approachable guy who was close to the front of the Race whenever i saw him . Responded Wednesday to the " Aussie , Aussie , Aussie " as he headed up the climb outside Porte Ache on Thursday . He was lucky that he was in the leading group at the finish , because many racers were held back for quite a while , after a motorcycle crashed near the end of the Day's stage ! Normally such a late arrival creates all sorts of problems , including application of the " Race Formular " , that prevents those , that are in the rear of the Peloton from having a holiday . For the racers though , after spending hours in the saddle , some would have been suffering dehydration and in need of food . Fortunately the day was warm rather than stormy , as can happen in the Mountains . As yet i have to discover how the Motorbike came to crash ?

 Cadel has finished this event in 8th place , due to a reasonable effort on Friday . Being a Mountain Top Finish after some 170km  , where he looked as though he was in no discomfort , it bodes well for the later events this season . Had a couple of chats with him throughout the week as well .

 Tuesday , after the Team Time Trial , i had the pleasure of a chat with Vincenzo Nibali , as he warmed down in the Hotel . With his moving from " Liquigas now known as Cannondale ", to Astana Team he has put in some good efforts this season . Being the Star of this Team , he demonstrated his worth today with his fighting finish thus from starting the day , off the Podium , to winning the Event by distancing ALL !

 Sir Brad demonstrated " Tossing the Caber " , when Bike troubles caused him to toss the bike to the side of the road , leaving it leaning against the rock wall of the Climb . Most will recall David Millar , in a similar fit of Petulence on the Vuelta Espana , tossing the bike over the fence . Neither Sponsor , will have been impressed with what they saw on the TV ? Doubt they would have been watching , but feel certain that some dog catcher will have sought their comment ?

Tuesday i happened on a Cycling News Clinic Thread , relating to Danny Pate , in relation to a tweet , sent some time back , speculating on Tom Danielson's participation in a NON Sanctioned " UCI Event " , whilst serving that 6 month farce of a suspension for giving " Evidence to USADA " in relation to the " ArmStrong Affair "! The " Clinic thread " even had punters , speculating about whether , Danny had caused the USA Cycling to re impose the " Rule 1.2.019 " , causing consternation in many quarters . Having run the story past  the Sky Support Staff , much to their amusement , i chanced on Danny , riding to the sign on , and related some of  the comments made in the thread . NO doubt from the chuckles i heard , it put him in a good mood for the overcast & cool morning . After Tuesday's coolish afternoon , Wednesday Morning i was wearing wool gloves and thinking about a skillet , but by the off at 9.10CET , the sun broke through the mist .

Same morning i had a ride with Marco Pinotti and mentioned reading parts of his Auto Bio . He reminded me that a signed copy was out of the question since the English version  is only available on kindle , where i had read some parts . The sections that i had read , had been well written and entertaining .

Lots more chats with a variety of Racers during the past days but it is a question of how much time to spend on relating them and the value to others . wednesday night after the descent from the MTF , passing through the traffic , i arrived at the Bike shop run by Stefano Casagrande , who mentioned seeing me cross the line at the finish sand reminded me about his days at Saeco & Alessio , where i had first met him .
He had retired in 2004 and the past 5 years has been spent selling Fondriest & Focus Bikes .  Small world ?  Gilbert Simoni was another retired racer that i was able to enjoy a chat with but did not see Maurizio F or Francesco M. , perhaps they were elsewhere in the smaller crowds this year ?

With Eurosport and RAI ( Italian TV ) broadcasting for 1 1/2hrs daily , it is possible that people are content to sit back , at home ?  Roadside crowds were always subdued in comparison to the Giro d'Italia , thus Police Controls allow riding until the first of the Police Motor bikes arrive . Even then , it seems that some Cycling Fans show disrespect by using the road rather than the pedestrian Path . Some Locals have been known to join the Team caravans .

 Italian Drivers have little regard for Road Regulations , perhaps as i drive a UK Reg Vehicle , at " Posted Speed " in Tunnels , they think passing over the double white lines , as acceptable ? Several times i have caught them in another tunnel , walked up to them , photoed their Number Plate and their face in the Window . Wonder how they explain tthings , when the Cops come calling , after receiving the emailed photos and explanation?