Sunday, June 10, 2012


Cuddles never was my favourite Cycle Racer , but these past few days have shown why he is such a champion and so badly misunderstood by many !

When i caught up with him on Saturday , i mentioned that i had been at L'Alp d'Huez for a couple of days with the Dutch " Alpe HuSes Challenge " , that Cancer Research Project , that raises masses of money ! I heard 32 Million Euros has been raised todate , this year , but there is still the Mont Ventoux Event , in September , to top off this year's result !

Incredible to think that 5000 Dutch Cyclists ride for two days as many as 6 times the L'Alpe d'huez climb , for many the highlight of their cycling season , for others a challenge hard to resist . When interviewed on Dutch National TV i stated i was there , since Cadel Evans was busy winning the Dauphine Libere , wearing a BMC kit , supplied by " GRAN BIKES " in Torino , i hope i looked the part .

Anyway Cuddles , replied that i did not look much like a " body double " !

Sunday morning , today , i was awake early and with a misty rain falling decided to ride the day's etappe early , as rain was predicted by many ! Getting around the course and back to Morzine left me fairly soaked so i was glad i chose to wear the BMC kit once again .

In Morzine , once again , i found the BMC Team Pullman , parked at the centre of town near the start line , luckily for me i arrived at the same time as Cadel , hence the photo !

After the event i came across Cadel as he rode from the Podium back to the Team pullman with his young son , with him , on the bike , photos here !

In McDonalds at Martigny without power cable , preparing for the Tour de Suisse in the morning so will add more later !

Earlier i had come across Brad Wiggins near the Podium . I said to him regarding the " Tour de France " ,
" Be the best you CAN , everything else will be icing on the cake "!

In other Blog Posts i have stated that i expect that the Winner of  this edition of the " Le Tour " will come out of the " Blue " ! Still believe this will be the case but hope that both Cadel and Brad will push the eventual Winner all the way to Paris !

Some of the French that are found at the Dauphine Libere :

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