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An emotional President , Barack Obama , stood at the Podium last night , distressed to the point of being unable to articulate his feelings ! When he walked away from the podium to his office , what were his thoughts ? We ALL know who the " real culprits " of this sad occasion are ! Even people like me , an outsider without " Offspring " knows that the future is the " YOUNG "!

News Networks are swarming all over this story , clamouring for their " take " on WHY this tradegy was allowed to happen . Money and " Vested Interests " is why this latest tradegy has come about . As i wake this morning , i have seen Sky News , AlJazeera , CNN and BBC World News Networks put forward their " experts " , to attempt to explain the motivations of the perpetrator , of this the latest , of so many outrages .

As an Australian i cast my memory back to the " Tasmanian Event ", 95 lives lost in that " killing spree "! As a visitor to the USA , i have been in the neighbourhood of this latest incident , and since the 1966 Austin Tradegy , so many of these incidents have occured in areas that i have visited at some time over the years . Even the U.K. has had the " Dunblane Infants School " event , where 16 youngsters lost their lives !  That alone ,should have sent the message throughout the world ?  Holland and France  are other Countries , that have suffered these Heinous Tradegies .

President Barack Obama , YOU alone can solve the problem in the USA ! The National Rifle Association Board Members should be rounded up , TODAY , walked through the corridors of Newtown's Elementary School , BEFORE the bodies are removed ! When these people see the results , of their intractable opposition to any reform of the US Gun laws , then cast their minds over how they would feel , if it were their Family Members , lying there , would they oppose SENSIBLE GOVERNMENT REGULATIONS ?

The National Rifle Association has so much money to THREATEN every Politician , that NO POLITICIAN is willing to risk their career to oppose them ! " Pax America " is the World's Policeman , in the main it does a good job , BUT , how can you Police the world , when there are so many problems at Home ?  Certainly a GUN does not operate by itself , just as a car cannot maim , by itself !  Here is not the place to make arguments " For and Against Gun Control "!

The Second Amendment of the US Constitution provides US Citizens with RIGHTS !  HOW much effort is required to repeal this Amendment ? Throughout the World people are using Social Media to express their Outrage and Sorrow for the results of this UNNECESSARY ATROCITY ! Time people stopped thinking about ways to safeguard " Children " , BUT , about ways to CLOSEDOWN those that prevent the enactment of Legislation to repeal the 2nd Amendment !

How many more communities must have this HORROR  visited on Families of Children ? Put yourself in the shoes of a Board Member of the National Rifle Association and ask YOURSELF if you would release funds to fight President Obama , when he introduces Legislation to Repeal the " 2nd Amendment "?

When Barack Obama walked onto the Podium , he was behaving as a parent , he let the World see how much he cared for his Two children and Michelle his Wife ! He said that there will be action to deal with this situation . No doubt , back in his office , after quiet reflection , he would have started to work the phones , calling in support for the Initiatives , that he MUST take , to prevent countless repetitions , of these senseless incidents .

Make no mistake , this is ONLY the latest example , of this continual stream , of " publicity seeking mentally disturbed individuals "!  People with " issues ", seek ways to show others , their particular concerns . Even now , as i write this post  , i see CNN's  , Piers Morgan , interviewing a " Class mate " , seeking a view of the perpetrator's personality and his background whilst at school and the time since  . Now the Experts are saying that there are TWO types of perpetrator . Either " Sociepaths " or " Brain Damaged " individuals , for me this is not the answer since EVERYBODY is UNIQUE !  " Basking in the Glory of their ACTION "? Each " expert " has their OWN take on each Tradegy ! One of these Experts said that " America "  FAILED the " Mentally ILL "! The other said " This event is statistically Extremely Rare "!

The title of this post " Cowardice " comes about , because TOO MANY PEOPLE , choose to avoid deciding to ACT ! This applies to the whole cross section of the Community , those Elected to Office as well as the Voters ! People in the USA seem to have only a choice of Republican and Democratic Candidates when National Elections take place , YOU as a Voter , need to decide you will only Vote for the Candidates  that will Vote against the Interests of the " GUN LOBBY "!

Statistically speaking , an unproved fact , 3 times more people will act aggressively when they have a GUN in their house ! In this modern world , why is it necessary to have a Gun in the house ?  Certainly , a small percentage of homes are raided by criminal elements , occasionally these perpetrators will be carrying guns and willing to utilise them to avoid detention .

At the risk of offending people , NOBODY outside Law Enforcement Personnel , require firearms ! Even farmers in areas where wild animals roam do not require " firearms "! They can choose to avoid these areas and when they need to " cull " , obtain the necessary permits .

" GUN CONTROL " is an emotive issue , so much so that the Piers Morgan Show has deteriorated into a Shouting Match "! " NRA " are described as " Enablers of Mass Murder " amongst other things !  The " Gun Lobby " has to change their way of thinking so that Mr & Mrs America can live at peace !

My only adverse contact with guns , accured in 1988 when i was driving in Sydney . Driving north along Castlereagh Street , mid morning , i saw a long haired man , pull a hand gun and shoot another in the leg ! The shot man was wearing the uniform of a " Security Company ", thus carrying a holster on his belt . As he collapsed the perpetrator , removed the pistol and started to run down the street . Carrying a " hands free phone " in the Van i called the Police and persued giving directions as the culprit changed direction several times . It felt like hours , but obviously , only minutes , and several times i ducked , thinking a bullet was going to come my way . Eventually the man ducked into a building , at which time a warrant card was flashed at my window and i passed information to the Detectives arriving on the scene . Regretably the culprit exited the back of the building so the matter was left in suspence for some months . Eventually caught , he was sentenced to 7years , after witnesses such as myself gave evidence in court .

Created the following Petition ;

Whilst YOU may not like the choice of words , support this action OR create a better way FORWARD !

NB I regret to say , that i did not wish the Grieving Parents , the Space to grieve without the World invading their Privacy . Not having been a Parent , i have no idea of what they are suffering .

So far there is no sign of the names of the casulties and R.I.P. seems so inadequate ?

President Obama in speaking as a Father and Parent said the following :

BY SIGNING THE Petition above YOU can contribute to the impetus needed for ACTION !

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  1. Murders care about gun control laws as much as they care about laws against murder. Meanwhile, law abiding citizens have the potential to stop a mass murderer with their own guns. Do you have any idea how many crimes have been stopped by gun owners? Guns in the United States even prevented an invasion of the mainland by the Japanese in World War 2. They gave serious consideration to an invasion, but decided against it specifically because of our rate of gun ownership. I suggest you go visit Switzerland and ask them about their guns.