Saturday, October 13, 2012

MATT WHITE Resignation

Matt would appear to have done the “ right thing “ by resigning his posts in Cycling ! During this season he has held the post of “ Director Sportive “ at Orica/GreenEdge whilst the team achieved spectacular results in it’s first year of competition . He was also involved with the Australian Olympic Mens Cycling Team .

Articles covering his resignation :

This decision to stand down should not be too much of a surprise , since Cycling Australia , has been aware of his background with Garmin Team in 2010 . There was a dispute caused when Trent Lowe visited a Doctor in Valencia in 2010 , as a result of advice from Matt White . In January 2011 , Jon Vaughters sacked Matt , on the pretext that in sending Trent to this Doctor , he had breached some Team protocols . This story is covered extensively in another of my Blog posts  .

Matt follows Johan Bruyneel in standing down from their Management roles , after the release of the long awaited USADA report , on the decision to give Lance Armstrong a LIFE TIME BAN . The Bans came about as a result of Lance  not contesting the accusations made against him by that body . With 202 pages of “ evidence “ released last Wednesday , 10th October 2012 and a further 880 pages to be released , history has been created and the Cycling World will not be the same as before !

Some background info on recent events surrounding this matter as copied from Cyclingnews article :

 "  In May 2010, Cycling Australia received correspondence from the UCI in relation to Landis' allegations. In response to this, Cycling Australia then referred the matter to the Australian Sports Anti Doping Authority (ASADA) and on 27 May, Cycling Australia CEO Graham Fredericks publicly stated:
"Cycling Australia is aware of the allegations made by Floyd Landis both in the media and through correspondence from the International Cycling Union. As a result we have referred the matter to the Australian Sport Anti-Doping Authority as the appropriate agency to deal with the matter."
In February 2011, ASADA made the following statement to Cyclingnews:
- ASADA is aware of media reports about the doping claims made by Floyd Landis
- When and what we can say about any operational matter is strictly governed by our legislation
- Under our legislation ASADA is unable to provide further comment at this time
In a statement yesterday, Cycling Australia President Klaus Mueller said he was unsure of how, if any of Cycling Australia members were implicated.
"But it might now be time to consider a range of options including an amnesty for athletes who have cheated in the past to own up to any wrongdoing and have their confessions mitigate any subsequent penalties," he said. "This would be dependent on the nature and extent of any infraction/s.
"This case also provides an opportunity for the Australian Government to review the resources and powers of ASADA especially in light of the extensive investigation and action taken by USADA in their pursuit of this case."  "

WHY IOC & WADA do not decide to “ Clean House “ and institute an “ AMNESTY in ALL SPORTS so that ALL Athletes both Present and Retired can confess to their wrong doings remains a mystery ? There will be many more of the calibre of Matt & Johan that transgressed in the past and will not come forward until they are sought out and publicly  named and shamed !

JACQUES ROGGE are we to see a trickle of Scapegoats OR are you up to the task of managing a complete sweep of ALL the “ skeletons in those Closets “?

JOHN FAHEY of WADA , are you happy to see Matt White treated as a “ scapegoat “ whilst those such as Neil Stephens MAY have questionable history , he was sent home from the Tour de France in 1998 as he was a member of Festina’s Team .

Would you not agree that 2006 was a strange year ? Certainly we saw the “ Le Tour “ for only the second time in it’s history , change the “ Winner’s Name “ , since evidence indicated that flandis was not a worthy winner , after he was found to have used PEDs during the event ! This week we saw just about ALL those confessing to the USADA , claim they stopped doping before they started the 2006 season ?

Hysterical to imagine that flandis was the ONLY Racer using in 2006 is it not ? Those with time should visit the recent blog of georgethecyclist (
 ) to see his take on the visit of Chris Vdv & Tyler Farrer to the Garmin Store in Chicago this past week . During the Q & A , no one asked about the morning papers report of Chris’s confession to “ Doping “! Either a bunch of people who could not read or “ No one “ with the guts to ask uncomfortable questions ? Had anyone asked the “ Doping Questions “ would they have been ejected and the Q & A brought to a halt ? I think not ! However I was not there , so my query remains unanswered .

Would appear that it will be business as usual , for ALL those  US Racers that confessed , judging by the behaviour of those visiting , at the Garmin Store ! Wonder if the Teams will be allowed to re employ these racers since the normal situation is that the Racer that receive “ Suspensions “ are terminated by their teams ? Levi appears to have been terminated by the Quickstep management !

YOU can have your say about the USADA report and how it effects Aussie Cycling by emailing Senator Lundy , who has called for Information :


Wednesday, October 3, 2012

TRENT LOWE v JV & Slipstream

TRENT LOWE the Cycle Racer Versus JV & Slipstream

What was a clear case of crossed communications between Employer and Employee caused untold damage when Twitter was used as a form of communication . Why some people resort to discussing legal matters in public defies my imagination .

Essentially Trent Lowe gave notice in August 2010 that he had another team to join in 2011 since his contract was about to expire . That Slipstream chose to not reply was their prerogative and Trent appears to acted as other Team Racers had at the Pegasus Training Camp . JV or his advisors decided to take action against Trent and denied him payments that he felt were his due . In sacking “ Whitey “ , JV caused further problems for ALL Parties to the dispute .

The following link will give a fair overview of what transpired from August 2007 through January 2011 .

What has taken place since ? This matter has just reappeared in the Cyclingnews Forum :

Should be an interesting story to follow since there has been a lot of info disclosed about what “ UCI “ policy expects of a team and the riders in relation to their health issues .

Checkout and sign on to reform of the " UCI " , LINK BELOW :