Monday, January 23, 2012


Celebrity does not allow assaulting a cyclist ! Seems that the more well known you are , the better chance you have of claiming public sympathy when you behave badly in public towards a cyclist !
Consider this scenario : 1. Celebrity ex sports person is driving and sees a cyclist and feels inadequate , jealous , scared , etc. because this cyclist can more easily pass through traffic , does not understand road rules relating to cyclist, etc. 2. All this and some adrenaline gets the better of the driver and he intimidates , abuses or attacks the cyclist. 3. As the driver calms down and realises that he just committed a crime and is a moron for doing it, he reports it to police, putting his side of the story first. Cops lap up the celebrity aura of the ex sports star as he adds lots of sauce to his story suggesting in some way that he was at risk from this cyclist despite being inside a car. 4. Whip up more of a storm on social media to get public sympathy, and hopefully also create lots pressure for police to drop any charges. Note that previously police involvement and pressure not to proceed with charges involved St.Kilda footballers. 5. Speak to an anti-cyclist shock jock on 3AW for more pressure and public sympathy. 6. Point to his Charity Foundation as a means of pretending what a great bloke he is (hoping the public will not realise the said charity does not disclose any financial information or proper evidence that a reasonable % of the donations actually go to the said causes, employs his family and others, etc.). 7. Distract from crime by creating hysteria about Rego for cycles and cars vs cyclists rubbish ("look over there, a unicorn!") ! Continually the media take the side of those that shout the loudest , since they have the connections they get more attention ! The victims are left to hope that the Police or CPS will weigh the evidence and decide that there is a case to answer .
Many times the official responsible for overseeing the case are pressured by their superiors to take no action . Difficult to be impartial when vested interests exert influence behind the scenes . One wonders why so many people are given free tickets to sporting events ? Whilst Rex Hunt in Australia has had a narrow escape from a prison sentence for injuring a cyclist in a “ Road Rage incident “ there is no report in the media about any compensation to the injured cyclist . Perhaps the paper articles I have seen wish to discourage Cyclists from being recompensed for losses suffered as a result of the bad behaviour of their “ mates ” ? Another recent incident has involved that well known Cricket personality , Shane Warne , who because of his retirement has been garnering “ headlines ” because of the new circles in which he has chosen to involve himself . Once again there are disparities in the accounts of the incident and using celebrity as a defence , Shane has aired his involvement in a way that reflects badly on him and dragging the “ Us v Cyclists ” debate back to centre stage . Hopefully the cyclist will be fully compensated for the damage done to his bike and wouldn’t it be appropriate to give a fulsome apology and see the cyclist and his lady friend reimbursed for the lost time due to the incident and perhaps Court appearances ? Shane , you could even swing a few tickets their way in a gesture of goodwill , since you will want something positive to “ tweet ” after the magistrate has finished their say on your erratic ( being kind here ) behaviour ! Do it before the matter is heard and perhaps it will count in your favour . Amongst the “ fish ” that Shane and his mates dragged across the trail was the suggestion , once again , that Bikes carry “ number plates ” ! I for one have difficulty getting down in writing a Car’s reg. plate when I see “ erratic behaviour ” whilst riding or driving on the road , so are we to carry on the front wheel and rear a similar sized object ? Switzerland has a sticker that goes on bikes for Insurance purposes ONLY , but your chances of discovering the info there are limited to when they are stationary and you know for what you are looking ! Too many other people have put forward their “ pros and cons ” so I have lifted the following from another blog : “ I, and many other cyclists, would love for all cyclists to ride with the utmost consideration for drivers, and all drivers to drive with complete respect for cyclists. However, the poor behaviour of a minority of cyclists/drivers is often used as justification for a negative attitude towards the entire group, and no progress is going to be made when people think like this. Cyclists must ride with consideration for drivers, obey the road rules and show by example that they are respectable and law abiding road users. Drivers must drive with care and respect for cyclists, understanding the risk they pose to cyclists. Public figures must not promote antagonism towards cyclists (or drivers). And everybody should understand that mandatory registration and number plates for bikes are not an answer.” Dave Johnstone has also commented about Shane on his blog as well as commenting to the blog ( Cycling tips ) where this story came to my attention . Seems like he knows a good deal about the “ trials and tribulations ” of an Aussie Cyclist ! Finally in relation to Oz , this comment to a blog is worth repeating : “ registration is used to repair and rebuild roads. so if cyclists are made to pay it then maybe it should contain some sort of parity with other road users. Trucks/ buses have larger registration fees than cars, which in turn are larger than motorcycles. If cyclists pay it should be in line with the percentage of damage they do to roads. I'd estimate somewhere of the order of 0.01%. So, as a cyclist i'd be happy to pay 30c each 6 months to register my bike, along with the hundreds i spend on car registration. It can come out of the $5000 + i have saved my private health fund and taxpayers in surgery and physio/rehab from not having a knee reconstruction because I choose to ride as often as i can. ” That comment provoked the following comment : “ Actually thats not quite correct, car registration is split into 3 parts. 1. an administration fee by vicroads (about $120) 2. stamp duty (about $30) 3. TAC (about $450) $$ amounts approx.. As you can see the vast majority goes to subsiding the TAC. The TAC pays for the huge medical costs associated with 1,500 road deaths and 30,000 serious injuries on our roads every year. Road funding is mostly provided by general revenue (income taxes, GST etc.) Not many people realise but the TAC operates at a loss - the annual bill associated with the road toll every year is estimated at $18billion, a lot more than the $3.9billion raised. If we were to convert the registration system into a true "user pays" system then the cost of registering a motor vehicle would nearly triple overnight. So the question for motorists is, do you want a true user pays regisration system? Random fact: Between 1925-2008, 185,256 people were killed on Australian roads. Total Australian war dead 102,734 Bridie O'Donnell , the well known Australian Cycling champion , blogged this week about Warnie , and her article was picked up by many media outlets .
Essentially the item was quite knd to Warnie but id highlight the fact that so many " Sports Personalities " enjoy the limelight when it suits and then try to deflect it when they behave badly ! Bridie has written many interesting and thoughtful articles that i have enjoyed reading since meeting her at the Tour de Romandie one year , when there was a Women's Time Trial event using the same course as the men . Over in the UK last week “ Thecyclingsilk ” managed to get the culprit into court , finally ! Result was a conviction and “ fines ” but I did not see any compensation in favour of the injured party ! Once again I am left wondering IF Cyclists are discouraged from pursuing those that cause them “ difficulties ”? Certainly we do not need the American “ Sue and be damned ” culture , but it is reasonable for the Cyclist to be reimbursed if the Guilty party has tried to create additional expenses by delaying or deferring their “ day of judgement ” , hoping the injured party will lose patience and give up ? Anyone seeing the “ video ” of the incident would conclude it was a “ slam dunk ” case but “ Innocent until proved Guilty ” is still the law of the land ! Congratulations to Martin Porter QC
for persisting and thus getting a result , which will help encourage other Cyclists in future cases to see a matter through to the conclusion !

Friday, January 20, 2012


Tennis is a sport that I enjoyed playing whilst living in Sydney .
Over the years I would have the occasional knockabout game with friends but got more serious about the game in 1991 . On moving into a rental house in Longueville with another guy as co lease holders we had a grass tennis court , swimming pool and waterfront access amongst the many features of this five bed roomed house . When we moved there the court had not been used in years so it was necessary to roll the surface and fill a few dimples in the surface as well as remove a few sections of turf that were overgrown with weed . Gardening is not my forte but as this was the winter months we had some time to prepare the area and discover the necessary dimensions to lay out the playing surface to best advantage . At that time I already had the 7m yacht which was moved from it’s mooring in another cove on the Parramatta River to a mooring just off the bottom of the garden grounds . A jetty by the boathouse there proved to be too damaged to put to use so it would require rowing the 50m or so to board the Swanson Dart whenever it would be used . Those days I had no interest in Cycling Road Racing but my co leaser had a racing bike of sorts which I would load into the station wagon and take up to North Ryde National Park a couple of times a week to ride the roads there . Even in the safety of the park I found it necessary to be aware of motorists with no conception of Cyclists rights . The first time I would spend anytime cycling on Sydney roads would be during the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games , but by that time I had several years and perhaps 50000kms of road exposure throughout Europe . When we finally got the Tennis Court dimensions laid out and the netting repaired the court was good for use . Coming from playing Squash for a decade or so I thought I was fit but soon discovered the opposite . Certainly with all the running I had been doing with the Hash House Harriers and private training runs the legs were in good shape but the right arm was another story . Gripping the tennis racquet as compared to a squash racket was a whole new experience . Considerable weight difference demanded more effort through the arm and across the shoulders and took time to build the necessary flexibility required for serving and swinging the racket . Of course it was also necessary to avoid flicking the wrist as needed in the squash game . Those days I would only use one handed play so it was soon apparent that the right arm was adding muscle . Nowadays the players are using double handed action on the court . This brings me to the purpose of this blog post . Being fit for a knockabout game or even club competition requires a certain level of fitness but in recent days I have noticed the muscles that some Tennis Players are developing and it appears that those remarking about Tennis Players relying on chemical intervention may have a point . Additionally I came across a web site which tends to show that in the Major Tennis Competitions the players are tested after they are eliminated . Certainly the tables for 2006 show all those tested after they are marked “ L “ for lost and only the winner is highlighted “ W ” for winner . Of course the tests were carried out on the day of competition , but wouldn’t you test the winner of the match , to see that they had won fairly ?
Tennis has some big names and those participating earn large amounts of money , so there is incentive to reach for the podium by fair or foul means . Men’s tennis has always been more profitable than the Women’s game and so it is not surprising to see well developed muscular limbs there , but some of the women’s muscles are also looking manly ! Being an Australian I have been happy to see Sam Stosur doing well in the Majors but the latest photo that came to my attention came as a surprise . Wonder if she is the subject of speculation ?
Some info above on 2006 testing at the Aussie Open that i found in another blog on Tennis . Lifted the following from that blog also : " More Of The Same? Drug Tests At The 2012 Aussie Open " " From the Official website of the Australian Open: " " As if losing in the opening round on a blazing hot day wasn’t bad enough, world No.65 Rebecca Marino was then requested to provide a routine anti-doping sample..." Again, if the test distribution plan is on taking samples from losing players directly after matches (see 2009), there should be little surprise that there are so few positive tests for steroids, synthetic testosterone, EPO, stimulants, etc. You name it. They aren't going to find any. At a minimum, the testing of match winners at random times on off-days is required ! Tennis Admin. is so concerned about an athlete's rights that they don't test the Match winner in cae they test positive ? Those caught using should be withdrawn immediately and the " clean "loser who was also tested allowed to progress to the next round . When the " Doped athlete " is allowed to progress the whole competition becomes " Null and Void " in my opinion . Sport is supposed to be about " the level playing field " not the best pharmacist's efforts . Comments to that Blog : " The point of this post was to show that they're testing the player that lost the match rather than the winner " michlobJan 18, 2012 07:02 AM Are you implying that the loser was less likely to have used PEDS by mere virtue of the fact that they lost? Sorry, but I'm not sure if that is what you are arguing, Sen. I think you've missed another possible explanation: If a player tests positive they will receive an immediate provisional suspension, correct? What if the winner of a match tests positive for everything that's banned under the sun? Do you let him or her play another match? Of course you wouldn't but how do you issue a suspension without disclosing this to the public? Embarrassing, right? I think they are trying to avoid this scenario happening. It's called the "head-in-sand" sample selection technique. It's the "modern method" that the ITF has been referring to. michlobJan 18, 2012 07:19 AM I agree that testing should be random, unpredictable and weighted toward high performers. The TADP actually supports these principles. See 5.1.3 2012 TADP: Sen no Riky┼źJan 18, 2012 08:01 AM @michlob, No, I'm not suggesting that the loser is less likely to take PEDs. Winner and loser are equally likely. Also, I think your additional explanation for the test distribution is a valid one. It would be bad for a week 1 test to return a postive result in week 2 of a grand slam event, no? I did, however, misread demisphere's comment. To answer: given that any substances that a player takes will have to wash out through urine, I don't see waiting 3hrs as a way to test clean. Any substance would still be in the sample.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

LiveSTRONG 2010 Financial Accounts

The Mushroom Farm drew my attention to the LiveSTRONG Financial accounts for the 2010 year last night ! Of course they have kicked up a storm surrounding the delay in the release , no surprise there though , and of course THEY would have done the job BETTER , or so they say ! They donate their services to the Mushroom farm in their anonymous way so as to avoid any responsibility for their denigrating a guy who started out like you and I but through constant focus on his objectives and perhaps a modicum of luck , has achieved an enviable position in society ! Still it is so easy to criticise whilst hiding between other anonymous posters on unregistered IP’s in a forum “ where anything that you can imagine is acceptable ” ! Saint or Sinner , Lance Armstrong has turned his Cycling Achievements into the raising of a Foundation that currently boasts assets of $US100 m+ ! Along the way many more people have been helped than will be reflected in the Annual Financial Accounts ! The work the foundation does draws in a great many volunteers and these people are to be admired since they daily run the gauntlet of those who denigrate the work that they do because they wish to deny the values that led to the founding of this charity and/or Lance’s purpose in setting up this foundation . Returning to Cycle Racing after enduring serious Life threatening Cancer problems , Lance would have like ALL other Pro Racers been on a cocktail of drugs required for his Cancer Treatment ! EPO is an item used in the treatment of Cancer and if the UCI granted him and others the “ Permissions” required then there is nothing that the Mushroomers can say that will make him anything other than a “ Legal Racer ”! Chris Horner is returning to the Pro Tour this year after suffering “ Embolisms ” last season which could have cost him his life ! Do not think that he will not be using “ Drugs ” to control a repetition occurring . Whatever is required by his Doctors will be used but will have been examined by the UCI specialists to see what effects they will have on his performance . No doubt they may even have suggested alternatives if they saw that these alternatives were a satisfactory answer to his medical needs . Had my Doctors told me at the end of the six month course of Sinitron after my Emolisms that I endured , I would be better off using Aspirin daily to thin my blood after discontinuing this treatment , I would have done followed this advice . My pharmacist suggested this was a viable option when I presented the new prescription after leaving the Hospital for the second time due to the reoccurrence of this deadly ailment . No doubt the Pharmacist will speak out on his suggestion , earlier , with future candidates using Sinitron to control their Blood values . Looking forward to seeing Chris race this season for the new team that is the combination of LeOpard and Radio Shack . In the article from “ Outside ” there is reference to Charles Pelkey and you will find that he has written about what actually took place between he and the author of the “ Outside article” ! As a recent Cancer Sufferer he has his own point of view about Lance and LiveSTRONG ! Various organisations have had their say about the 2010 Financials of “ LiveSTRONG ” and they are consistent in their divergent points of view but the “ mushrooms ” are waxing eloquent in their endeavours to out do each other with the torrent of bile they regurgitate only too frequently ! Don’t worry , you lot , I have been subjected to far worse abuse than you could imagine ! One journo whose name rhymes with “ baloney ” even followed me into the toilets some years back and that sad sack of a doughboy started throwing his carcass around in an effort to intimidate me ! Crowding me into a corner he managed to land a few ineffectual tickles ! Had the last laugh there , when his colleagues ridiculed his pathetic behaviour . Tried to download a “ pie chart ” from : but was unable to load and save for transfer , a copy into my computer ! Click on this link ! As I post this item I saw that the Mushrooms were debating the “ loyalty ” of “ LiveSTRONG Employees ” There are those who do not need to be paid off when they change jobs and choose to move on with their careers and there are those that are getting “ Job Satisfaction ” whilst in the continuing employ of “ LiveSTRONG ” , unlike those exercising their fingers and imagination as they concoct more bile from their anonymous IP addresses ! Wonder what their employers think of them as they waste their employers time envying a guy who has endeared himself to far more than the dozen or so that are vying to be part of the “ jury ” in their imaginary courtroom ? Once I find the Susan K. 2010 year accounts I will endeavour to post the comparisons ! On a personal note , I would like Premier Mike Rann ( now retired ) to let people know “ How much and to whom the cheques were payable ” for Lance’s appearances in the Tour Down Under . For your entertainment I include a couple of comments to some of the articles : “ All I can say is I'm glad I didn't pay to read this. My guess is that Livestrong will be around well after this publication. Do you have any real "Journalist"? ” “ I love what LiveStrong is doing through the YMCAs. But more money needs to go toward that, and restarting those grants for cancer researchers. Less flash, more meat will make this a better organization. ” “ 1) Lance trained harder than everyone else. 2) Lance was more focused than everyone else. 3) This is all a witch hunt 4) Even if he did dope, everyone else was doing it, so he is still the best 5) He was the most tested athlete of all time, and never tested positive. 6) His team mates (except Eki etc) are all liars 7) Floyd, Frankie, Betsie etc are all bitter ! Did I miss anything? ” “ OMG – if Lance farts its news on this site and many others. I read the story a couple days ago, my take was that is was a bunch of nothing. Which makes you wonder about the writer. As someone fairly new to cycling it makes me wonder about cycling in general. It seems that all that anybody can talk about is what Lance does/did/doing. What about the new guys? Quit hating and move on, especially all the people that made/make $ off of Lance !” “ Maybe he doped, you know, like almost all of his opponents in his day, Pantani, Basso, Millar, Ulrich, Vinokourov, Zulle, ... And before them, Riis, Indurain, Fignon... Hell, I just learned that even MERCKX tested positive for amphetamines in 1977. Take him down for doping, if he did, but attacking the LS cancer foundation? Pathetic. A weak hit piece. ” “ I haven't read the whole article, so may be naive to comment. But whats the problem here? who gives an ass if Lance gets famous and rich off the back of his charity. What is it with journalists slating people for not being 100% squeaky clean, 100% of the time? Jeeez, Live and let Live. Sounds like holes are being picked. As far as I've read, I think the only real issue at all is if he doped or not, which has chuff all to do with the running of his charity. Pointless article.” ONE FINAL COMMENT telling me where to get off : “ Too ignorant to read the whole article 01/10/12 10:46:AM I am here to claim that Outside magazine isn't to be trusted because it uses ads for funding. Also, this contrarian approach to investigative journalism is betraying the liberal agenda of the writer—any true conservative knows not to go "too deep" into anything. One final note, I'd like to reiterate what another commenter said, "Not sure what other rubbish is espoused in the remaining 11 pages"( yes part of my comment)—this is exactly the type of attitude I respect about comments sections! Why read more than 10% of an article when you are clearly mad enough to comment now?! Stay strong conservative america! Jesus saves those with the strongest knee-jerks and the tiniest brains. ” Sources :

Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Whilst I am whizzing around the Ski Slopes and the bike is idle , Oz is being treated to a Cycle Race Fest ! Interestingly enough there are many new faces emerging that will push the envelope and create additional excitement this year for the Australian Cycle Race fans . GreenEdge Team has scored it’s first Race Victory with Gillow in one of the Women’s Races but the victory of Chloe Hosking and the subsequent press interview was the story which has grabbed the headlines ! What is the difference between Women and Male Cycle Racers ? Men are guaranteed a minimum wage level and the Women can look after themselves as far as the UCI are concerned ! Photo of a worker !
Currently “ Cycling Australia ” are seeking an apology from Chloe Hosking for her remarks last weekend about Mc Quack otherwise known as a “ D**K ”, or that was Chloe’s description of this colourful nonentity ! Cycling Australia can shove it when they cannot support the women in their quest for fair treatment ! Expecting Aussies to fly the flag on the smell of an oily rag is just not on in this century and Mc Quack knows this as he has been reported to have been an event organiser before he was allowed to hijack the office of “ President of UCIless ”! Photo of a winner !
Just what do the Women pay annual dues to UCIless for , if not for fair treatment and FULL SUPPORT ? Are the Women’s Annual Dues less than a Male payment and thus they are treated in a lesser manner and given less support ? Aussies have always called a spade a shovel and it is time the other Aussie Women spoke out in support of Chloe , and Mc Quack can go whistle ! Should those speculating in the CNF Mushroom Farm have their way then Chloe’s description would have been correct ! From my point of view UCIless needs to go to work and see that the Women are no longer exploited and thus treated with more respect . Cycling Australia needs to get behind the movement for a “ Liveable Minimum Wage for Women ” comparable to that of the men ! What have you lost this time ?
BEST WISHES TO THE WOMEN RACERS FOR 2012 ! You were the Road racers that brought Oz the Gold Medals in the past and you can do it again at London 2012 Sources