Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Tracey Gaudry Organise Aussie Cycling Amnesties !

No secret that UCI President , phat mc sqat , has dragged the UCI , through the mud once again ! Irks me to realise , that i was born in the same country ! YES , everybody has problems , but does the Road Race  Cycling Sport , deserve to continue to be treated , as the source of " Personal Benefit " , to heinous and phat, principal members of the Aigle tag team ?

The only light at the end of the tunnel , that i have seen , in recent times , has been the departure of the " tag Team's , lap dog , mike turtur ! Whether it was always in his best interests , to dance to the " tag team's " tune , or he genuinely thought that he was helping Australian Cycling , or the " Tour Down Under Event " , is unclear . What is clear is that when Tracey Gaudry , was proposed as a replacement , he stood aside before, it was necessary for the vote !

With Tracey taking the Presidency of the " Oceania Region of the UCI " , there are glimmers of a " Brighter Future " for Cycling in that region ! Also heard recently , that the Dane Presidency has changed , not yet taken the time to discover by whom , and whether this also will lead to the betterment of Cycling in that Country ?

Letter by Tweet to Tracey Gaudry !


With the recent news , that the " Independent Commission of the UCI ( UCIIC ) " , has been terminated by the UCI , Cycling Sport , is once again thrown into confusion !

Strong leadership is a requirement for any Sports Federation . Regretably , this quality does not exist at the UCI !

As President of the Oceania Region , you are in a place , where you are able to gain the attention of the other Regional Presidents . No doubt , you are still trying to find your place amongst those , who have been involved for many years , however , as the CEO of the " Amy Foundation " for many years , you will have the " Street Smarts ", to be able to gain the attention of others and perhaps influence their decisions .

It is pertinent to add Travis Tygarts comment about the decision to close the " Independent Commission , yesterday :
  "The UCI blindfolded and handcuffed its independent commission and now hopes the world will look the other way while the UCI attempts to insert itself into the investigation into the role it played in allowing the doping culture to flourish."

Listed here below , are two " Petitions " that i created over the past months ! They are not perfect , indeed i am sure they could be written in a better way , but achieve similar results . Currently , i am reading of the Dutch Federation , conducting their own " Truth & Conciliation Process " , two Racers having been given a 6 month Sanction , as a result of their disclosures .  Could it not be possible for more countries to follow the Dutch example ?

With John Fahey , Chairman of WADA and Jaimie Fuller , Chairman of Change Cycling Now being Australians , i feel sure that as Australians , you will ALL , wish to act in a way , that helps Australian Cycling to benefit ?

My petitions for your perusal :

http://www.change.org/petitions/wada-create-an-amnesty-in-all-sports …
http://www.change.org/en-GB/petitions/office-of-the-governor-general-of-australia-create-the-means-for-a-sports-amnesty-in-australia#invite …


Skippy Mc Carthy


Some of the Press releases from " Stakeholders "!

John Fahey's Press Release begins with :

 " WADA is dismayed by the press release issued by UCI yesterday, both in terms of its content and its deceit."

The entire Press release here :


Jaimie Fuller of Change Cycling Now , has this to say :

  "  Change Cycling Now today calls on the general sport of cycling, its National Federations and other global stakeholders
to enforce the removal of a manipulative and contemptible administration that is content to drag cycling further into
disrepute in order to safeguard the positions of its leaders.

It is now clear, beyond all doubt, that the UCIIC was never independent"

read more here :


Statement from " UCIIC " , just released , The Panel members , show their Integrity , with this :

  "  The Commission urges all those who have an interest in cycling to make sure that an independent TRC is established and remains willing to offer assistance in the process if required."


A Cycling Fan , attended last Friday's session of the " UCIIC Procedural hearing " , in London and reported to CNF Clinic , these observations : titling themselves as " Morbius ":

  "  UCI were due to present their proposals on T&R to WADA by the beginning of this week at the latest.

The UCIIC wanted evidence that WADA had bought into the UCI proposals for T&R before volunarily suspending activity - and at a serious level, not just in principle. UCIIC were very clearly not just going to take the UCI's word that T&R would go ahead on a sensible timescale and not be stalled by other issues.

UCIIC were also concerned that a broader T&R process would kick the investigation into UCI activity around Armstrong / USPS into the "long grass".

The purpose of the meeting due on Thursday was to review whether WADA and UCI had reached agreement. If there was no agreement, the meeting would continue to look at UCIIC evidence processes.

Now it appears UCI have pulled the plug unilaterally. There is no evidence in their press release that the detailed proposals for T&R have been agreed with WADA, or even presented to them. There is clearly no sign that UCIIC agree with UCI about the ending of the investigation.

I really hope that
1) we get comments from UCIIC commissioners,
2) the press follow up the specific concerns of the UCIIC including about the timing of the process, the commitment of WADA, agreements to fund the process and the continued focus on the behaviour of UCI.

I guess the Thursday Meeting , now cancelled , will not be the end of the matter , having just heard " Jaimie Fuller of CCN , speaking by phone , on the SKY TV News Sport segment !