Monday, December 30, 2013

1 1/2 M Safe Pass Law Oz wide NOW !

Celebrating his Victory in the Elections , mere weeks ago ,
Tony Abbott was seen on TV World Wide , riding his Bike on the Sunday Morning with his mates ! MISSING IN CYCLING ACTION ever since !

Doubt he has even considered the following events which have become a Media feeding fest ? Even " Motor Mouth " that well known Legend in his OWN Mind , Darren Hinch , has weighed into the Cycling events of the past Weekend ! Taking time out to reread his various " Seemingly Anti Cycling Comments " over past years , he had this to say about the " Mutants " that amused themselves by " Whacking Cyclists about the Head & derriere " causing several crashes and most likely injuries ! At present , it appears the Victorian Police have not levelled Charges ? May i suggest " Attempted Murder " for the Passenger and " Aiding & abetting ", for the Driver ?

With this article Darren has tried to justify changing his previous " Anti Cycling Rant ":

Starts the rant with :

" THOSE BONEHEADS IN a ute who targeted and attacked cyclists on Beach Rd, Melbourne, on Saturday morning should, if convicted, be heavily fined and the driver’s vehicle should be impounded."

My personal view overlooked the " impounding " of their vehicle ! WHAT A GOOD IDEA ! The link to the incident causing him to restate his position on Cyclist behaviour :

This was as far as Blogger saved when i then tried to add " photo " without internet connection . Seems some things can be done , such as " links " but the rest of this is not as interesting as the original ( my POV )!

Hard frost outside , so here goes again ?

SINCE November Queenslanders have been on notice that on 1st Jan. 2014 , a New Law will be in force !

SAFE Passing of Cyclists will be a conscious decision for Motorists , since failing to give 1M in 60kph zones COULD incur a $A4400 cash payout and 8 Demerit points ( 12 & you get licence holiday?) and outside the 60kph Zone , a 1 1/2M width will be required ! How hard is it for people to ease off when following a Cyclist UNTIL the road is clear ? Would a SANE Motorist try to overtake a car in the face of an oncoming vehicle ? ONLY ONE ANSWER there , unless they have a death wish , or trying to get Police Attention ?

Thanks to the efforts of a minority of people , such as @safecyclingOz , Cyclists in Queensland

, will enjoy 2 years of being treated with more respect , perhaps fewer rear end collisions will be reported . November seemed to be a month when London and Sydney were having Daily Cyclist Deaths , with the majority of the cases being the Cyclist faultless ? These last days of December   have seen Deaths , Injuries and Attacks on Cyclists ! Makes most ordinary Cyclists wonder WHY the people they mix with in Social Activities become MURDEROUS MUTANTS when behind the wheel ?

Queensland Government decided to do what the Tasmanian Government declined to do , ACT ! Various other States are considering this " Legislation " , but fearful of the " Motoring Lobby " are dragging their feet .

With this article reporting the death of a 21yo , and reports of a second Death ( not found the link )  :

it appears that Tassie Government will revisit their early decision on the Safe Pass Law ?

South Australia State ,  have had some famous Hit and Run cases over the years , but whilst the perpetrator of this outrageous behaviour is in custody , there must be growing outrage that there has been NO ACTION in Safe Passing Laws , in the State that has the ONLY Pro World Cycle Race in Oz ?

Various articles cover this Mid Wife's Death :

With Bail Conditions being required , the perpetrator got a taste of her future as she spent the night in custody :

West Australia has had it's own series of tragedies , this being the latest :

Northern Territory had in October the Death of a Japanese Touring Cyclist , again rear ended riding into the Twilight , a case of " SMIDSY " , since the delinquent driver was facing the sun ? WHEN i am riding towards the sun , in the later hours of the day , i create a SHADOW on the road , perhaps as much as 20m long ! Magistrates ever ask the driver " Did you not see the road surface "? Doubt they even THINK to ask any pertinent questions , since they are reluctant to cause their Authorities , the expense of entertaining the perpetrator in custody , for a deservedly lengthy sentence ?

Previous Posts have mentioned Deaths in  Canberra , Queensland and Sydney , so no need to revisit those States on this occasion ?

These articles just in on the 1st Jan 2014 demonstrates the NEED for Cyclists to be PROTECTED :

 Meanwhile in Oz's 7th state , New Zealand ( just joking , better than my " sheep " jokes ), it appears there are MUTANTS there also :

Australians overseas also suffer from being rear ended :

Australia is not the only country with Cycling Deaths or the desire to see the 1 1/2M Safe Pass Law , have read of these demands by Cycling Safety Groups  in Scotland , England , Ireland and Wales . With 6 Cyclists killed on Icy roads in Chris Boardman's home territories , and as many killed by an outrageous Italian driver near Naples , and Amy Gillett being killed and 5 Team Members being hospitalised in Germany whilst on a recce run for the 2005 Tour , in which  they were to participate , it is clear that the PROBLEM is WORLD WIDE thus requiring a UNIFIED SOLUTION !

Whilst the IOC is nominally interested in SPORT , just about the WHOLE World Wide community follows their activities ? Just look at the amount of money the various SPONSORS compete at throwing into their coffers ! 

Tired of reading about Cyclist Tragedies , well do as ALL the 10 Million " LinkedIN contacts " , Facebook Friends and Twitter followers do  IGNORE and REFUSE to sign this PETITION :

JUST walk away , nothing there for YOU , until as like ALL the above's friends and relatives , YOURS are notified of YOUR misfortune !

BULLIED daily on the roads where ever you find yourself , and YOU don't want to contribute IN ANY WAY to arriving home safely , without incident ? Let these Guys who signed , AWAKEN YOU :

It is not APRIL FOOLS DAY , is it ?

Addition on 1st January 2014

Some make mistakes , some have Freudian slips :

  "  Mr Khoury says there has been a lack of educational campaigns and planning around cycle paths and roads.
"We've not done nearly enough to educate all road users on how to share the road safely," he said.
"We've not been strategic enough on how and where we build cycle paths, we've not tried hard enough to separate cyclists and road users."

Coming from the Rep. for the NRMA ( Nat.Roads & Motoring Assoc. of NSW ) speaking on Cyclists Deaths in 2013 !  Used to be a PAYING Member of that Organisation ! Wonder what the Austrian Equivalent's rep. says about Cyclists ? Speaks in German , so not holding my breath , but they insure Cycles at 10% premium per year !

Just to pass the time , is this a way to start the New Year :