Friday, November 9, 2012


For years i have sought this Charity ,  ! With " Help4Heroes " in the UK , and " Wounded Warrior Project in the USA , i felt certain that Australians were supporting more than Legacy , that Noble Charity i remember volunteering Help to , back in the 1970's .

As i rode the routes of the " Le Tour , these past 15 seasons , i asked personalities such as " tomo " and racers such as " Stuey , Dodger & Robbie if they knew of an " Org. " that does the same work that is done in the UK & USA , helping to rehabilitate those Wounded in " Harms Way " . Being almost entirely in Europe these past years , i rely on SBS and SMH for the headlines . Mostly things like the "Melbourne Cup " and Political " fisticuffs " catch my attention . Those interests are likely to have been provoked by seeing or hearing some reference in Austria Media .

Today , whilst checking my Twitter feed i saw the following :
@kruddmp we've met before. Can you pls RT the link for my fundraising ride for SOLDIER ON?

Can recall tweeting Ruddy and other personalities asking for redirection to an Oz  Charity , but to no avail until today !

Now going to tweet @ChadPD and suggest he raise the bar from A$5000 , since his target is about to be reached . Will ask him to consider the possibility of using the 100th " Le Tour " as a Fund Raising Target , I should welcome the opportunity to assist ANY that wish to create a Team to ride the " Le Tour Route "! At present i am not able to get ALL the " Soldieron website " so will post the additional info as it becomes available . Not sure where @ChaddPD fits into " Soldieron " , but wish him success and congratulate him on his results todate . Would suggest that he consider " Tweeting "  ALL the Aussie Cycle Racers , since there must be many other Expats like myself with an interest in helping OUR OWN ?

9th Dec 2012
Read recently that Chadd completed this event in about 7 hrs and there was a post in a " Berm Blog " describing his progress throughout that day . The fund raising resulted in about $5700+ , which exceeded his target !

Congrats Chad !