Friday, February 10, 2012


REad an interesting blog post by Inrng but when i compose a comment all i get is : Your request timed out. Please retry the request Well i did that several times and even got " Duplicate Post " a couple of times ! I have tweeted asking him to read this blog and copy it into his comments ! My comment for what it was worth , composed on Word processor: "It makes me laugh when I see people talk about the Penalties for Crime ! Whoever sets out to practice “ Sporting Fraud “ deserves the Harshest Penalties ! If the goal posts are moved whilst awaiting punishment , TOO BAD ! There should be uncertainty about Punishment since people “ Should NOT make an informed decision about , “ if I do this , the worst will be this “! My personal POV is that the racers in the ProTour usually know they represent their country at some point so they can’t expect equal treatment to those in the lower ranks ! Nor should they think they are entitled to perform for their country after serving a suspension . Can they expect to have their Country’s Reputation besmirched to accommodate their desires ? My answer is a DEFINITE NO ! Those in the ProTour choosing to “ Cheat or unwittingly breaking limits of UCI /WADA proscribed Drugs ” should go before an International panel drawn from the various national Federations to have their case decided within a month ! With Internet and “ Teleconferencing “ available , it is quite easy to bring ALL parties together , and , without the need for Lawyers thrash out 95% of the disciplinary cases . Justice needs to be done with celerity and using the National Federations only leads to the sort of problems in which Contador found himself . Rotating the membership of the panel will also mean that vested interests do not get involved . This past week has seen several different cases with a variety of results and I hope that ALL will follow Jan Ulrich and leave matter as they stand . Please support “ Cities fit for cycling on your blogs , here is the Html to put the logo there : The Times Cities fit for cycling On blogger , open Design , go to add a gadget , look for +java , paste ! Simple ! Lets hope the roads will become SAFER and friendlier ! Of course he may not like me commenting a length , so be it !