Friday, June 24, 2011

Sheep Shearing

Dumb , Dumber and totally lazy that i did not think to take photos in the shearing shed on the farm with the Camping Barn i stayed at last night .

WELL after this post i headed out of Ashbourne and found my way back to the shearing shed where i got 3 photos before the battery gave out ! All the while the weather was gloomy but cheered by meeting up with a Melbourne-ite cyclist , Oliver , who happens to be back in the UK for an Engineering course . Luckily for me he was in no hurry as the wind in the face drags uphill were easier for him , i on the other hand am running short on desire to explode up these short sharp gradients .

My thanks to the staff at Ashbourne Library for their help in finding the weay to load these photos during the p[asst two days .

Each county library has it's own system so i will probably be in the same difficult situation next time i want to illustrate a blog posting . At sopme time in the future i will turn the photos but that is a trick to be learnt .

Uploading the photos has robbed me of the best parts of the day but time marches on and so i can only hope that when i ride past they will let me have a go on the gun as i recall a skill aquired in my 20's in Oz .

Recently i was Walking the dales with some friends and the photos are from the area of Bollington south of Manchester.

The lady in the white T shirt is my younger sister and her husband was celebrating the 55th birthday .

Anyone who enjoys tapas can add "The Bulls Head" of Bollington to their food destinations .

Saturday, June 18, 2011


WEDNESDAY at Hutwill was a warm and sunny day and i had the chance to catch up with the Tour de Suisse racers on the start line .

Photos of some of the racers attached now that i am on a Computer that works .

Note the photo of Cunego which has come out backwards/mirror image ! How do i solve this , please advise ?

Interestingly to me was Cav's comment that he and Gossy had taken a look at my blogs but other than a reply of "interesting" i am unsure of their real views , so asked them to post a comment . Asked "king cav" to put me up on Twitter as one he follows but his reply was " contractual requirements,etc!"

Will post him a link to this post as whilst joshing around and having taken the photos i said i expected him to win that day and the photos would be uploaded . Some wag suggested thast if he didn't win i should use the photos for darts ! Can't do it here without the host's wall getting damaged so that idea is a non starter

When i got down the course past Frick i watched the peloton pass and collected a Team LeOpard water bottle as i took video of the racers passing .