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1 1/2 M Safe Pass Law Oz wide NOW !

Celebrating his Victory in the Elections , mere weeks ago ,
Tony Abbott was seen on TV World Wide , riding his Bike on the Sunday Morning with his mates ! MISSING IN CYCLING ACTION ever since !

Doubt he has even considered the following events which have become a Media feeding fest ? Even " Motor Mouth " that well known Legend in his OWN Mind , Darren Hinch , has weighed into the Cycling events of the past Weekend ! Taking time out to reread his various " Seemingly Anti Cycling Comments " over past years , he had this to say about the " Mutants " that amused themselves by " Whacking Cyclists about the Head & derriere " causing several crashes and most likely injuries ! At present , it appears the Victorian Police have not levelled Charges ? May i suggest " Attempted Murder " for the Passenger and " Aiding & abetting ", for the Driver ?

With this article Darren has tried to justify changing his previous " Anti Cycling Rant ":

Starts the rant with :

" THOSE BONEHEADS IN a ute who targeted and attacked cyclists on Beach Rd, Melbourne, on Saturday morning should, if convicted, be heavily fined and the driver’s vehicle should be impounded."

My personal view overlooked the " impounding " of their vehicle ! WHAT A GOOD IDEA ! The link to the incident causing him to restate his position on Cyclist behaviour :

This was as far as Blogger saved when i then tried to add " photo " without internet connection . Seems some things can be done , such as " links " but the rest of this is not as interesting as the original ( my POV )!

Hard frost outside , so here goes again ?

SINCE November Queenslanders have been on notice that on 1st Jan. 2014 , a New Law will be in force !

SAFE Passing of Cyclists will be a conscious decision for Motorists , since failing to give 1M in 60kph zones COULD incur a $A4400 cash payout and 8 Demerit points ( 12 & you get licence holiday?) and outside the 60kph Zone , a 1 1/2M width will be required ! How hard is it for people to ease off when following a Cyclist UNTIL the road is clear ? Would a SANE Motorist try to overtake a car in the face of an oncoming vehicle ? ONLY ONE ANSWER there , unless they have a death wish , or trying to get Police Attention ?

Thanks to the efforts of a minority of people , such as @safecyclingOz , Cyclists in Queensland

, will enjoy 2 years of being treated with more respect , perhaps fewer rear end collisions will be reported . November seemed to be a month when London and Sydney were having Daily Cyclist Deaths , with the majority of the cases being the Cyclist faultless ? These last days of December   have seen Deaths , Injuries and Attacks on Cyclists ! Makes most ordinary Cyclists wonder WHY the people they mix with in Social Activities become MURDEROUS MUTANTS when behind the wheel ?

Queensland Government decided to do what the Tasmanian Government declined to do , ACT ! Various other States are considering this " Legislation " , but fearful of the " Motoring Lobby " are dragging their feet .

With this article reporting the death of a 21yo , and reports of a second Death ( not found the link )  :

it appears that Tassie Government will revisit their early decision on the Safe Pass Law ?

South Australia State ,  have had some famous Hit and Run cases over the years , but whilst the perpetrator of this outrageous behaviour is in custody , there must be growing outrage that there has been NO ACTION in Safe Passing Laws , in the State that has the ONLY Pro World Cycle Race in Oz ?

Various articles cover this Mid Wife's Death :

With Bail Conditions being required , the perpetrator got a taste of her future as she spent the night in custody :

West Australia has had it's own series of tragedies , this being the latest :

Northern Territory had in October the Death of a Japanese Touring Cyclist , again rear ended riding into the Twilight , a case of " SMIDSY " , since the delinquent driver was facing the sun ? WHEN i am riding towards the sun , in the later hours of the day , i create a SHADOW on the road , perhaps as much as 20m long ! Magistrates ever ask the driver " Did you not see the road surface "? Doubt they even THINK to ask any pertinent questions , since they are reluctant to cause their Authorities , the expense of entertaining the perpetrator in custody , for a deservedly lengthy sentence ?

Previous Posts have mentioned Deaths in  Canberra , Queensland and Sydney , so no need to revisit those States on this occasion ?

These articles just in on the 1st Jan 2014 demonstrates the NEED for Cyclists to be PROTECTED :

 Meanwhile in Oz's 7th state , New Zealand ( just joking , better than my " sheep " jokes ), it appears there are MUTANTS there also :

Australians overseas also suffer from being rear ended :

Australia is not the only country with Cycling Deaths or the desire to see the 1 1/2M Safe Pass Law , have read of these demands by Cycling Safety Groups  in Scotland , England , Ireland and Wales . With 6 Cyclists killed on Icy roads in Chris Boardman's home territories , and as many killed by an outrageous Italian driver near Naples , and Amy Gillett being killed and 5 Team Members being hospitalised in Germany whilst on a recce run for the 2005 Tour , in which  they were to participate , it is clear that the PROBLEM is WORLD WIDE thus requiring a UNIFIED SOLUTION !

Whilst the IOC is nominally interested in SPORT , just about the WHOLE World Wide community follows their activities ? Just look at the amount of money the various SPONSORS compete at throwing into their coffers ! 

Tired of reading about Cyclist Tragedies , well do as ALL the 10 Million " LinkedIN contacts " , Facebook Friends and Twitter followers do  IGNORE and REFUSE to sign this PETITION :

JUST walk away , nothing there for YOU , until as like ALL the above's friends and relatives , YOURS are notified of YOUR misfortune !

BULLIED daily on the roads where ever you find yourself , and YOU don't want to contribute IN ANY WAY to arriving home safely , without incident ? Let these Guys who signed , AWAKEN YOU :

It is not APRIL FOOLS DAY , is it ?

Addition on 1st January 2014

Some make mistakes , some have Freudian slips :

  "  Mr Khoury says there has been a lack of educational campaigns and planning around cycle paths and roads.
"We've not done nearly enough to educate all road users on how to share the road safely," he said.
"We've not been strategic enough on how and where we build cycle paths, we've not tried hard enough to separate cyclists and road users."

Coming from the Rep. for the NRMA ( Nat.Roads & Motoring Assoc. of NSW ) speaking on Cyclists Deaths in 2013 !  Used to be a PAYING Member of that Organisation ! Wonder what the Austrian Equivalent's rep. says about Cyclists ? Speaks in German , so not holding my breath , but they insure Cycles at 10% premium per year !

Just to pass the time , is this a way to start the New Year :

Sunday, November 10, 2013


Rarely do you hear the OUTRAGE that you see here ! Disregard for the Parents of a senseless Road Tragedy , seems to be the way the Judiciary , treat so many cases of Criminal Driving these days ?

The following link will reveal the contents of the parent's Letter to the Queensland Premier :

The Family have suffered loss and thoughtfully the Father has voiced his concerns about the Queensland States current Laws . What they have suffered , should not be allowed to be visited on other families . So often the Authorities choose to be influenced by the " silver tongued advocates " hired by the GUILTY !

With both the Son and his Wife's Health problems weighing on his Mind , should Colin Walsh be asked to continue with his current occupation ? From the sound of his letter , his finances were severely impacted by the tragedy visited on his family and thus he is forced to continue working at a time he feels conflicted about his employment ? There appears to be an unfair burden of responsibility being placed on this grieving Parent?

Currently Queensland Government is accepting submissions on Cycling Matters , which relates to the fact that Their Roads are in need of constant consideration :

There is a photo of the vaious State Gov. Petitions under consideration here :

Elsewhere the Judiciary treat Cyclist's death with undue cavalier  leniency :

Then there is the case of Joshua Alper in the USA , where he was mown down , but the Law Enforcement
Officer , was too lazy , to write a Citation for the UNLAWFUL falling asleep , by the Driver of the vehicle that killed him !

Sadly , even when Cyclists take to riding Bike Paths , accidents occur , and this was the reported case in the Sydney Suburb of Kurnell , when a Cyclist crashed and after being in a Coma , for some days , died of the injuries suffered . Will the Coroner demand that the Local authorities account for their Maintainance procedures ?

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

FATALITIES GROW ! Complacency ?

Distressing News for Sydney Cyclists as yet another of the Civilian Dawn Patrol , in avoiding a reversing vehicle , loses control and then dies ! Circumstances are similar to so many other incidents in various parts of the world  !"

SMIDSY is alive and continues to be the " watch word " , for those who chose to regard Cyclists , as below consideration ? Leaving Private property or driving off a suburban street onto another , perhaps busier street , seems to require NO Consideration by the average motorist ? Clad in their metal box , some seem to think they are invulnerable , when encountering a Cyclist .

The incident reported here , bears investigation , but it appears that 6 Cyclists were about their lawful business , when an " impatient " motorist , thought that they were important enough , to interfere with traffic flow ? On this occasion , it appears that a vehicle leaving a private property , brought other vehicles to a stop in an area that , because of restricted vision allowed following traffic limited opportunity to come to a stop in a timely manner ?

 Too often a motorist , arrives home , drives straight onto their property , thus requiring the vehicle to be reversed into traffic on the next occasion it is required . WHAT is too hard about , reversing into the driveway entrance , so that the vehicle can be driven forward into the street when required ?


YOUR FAV. TV Programme was about to start ?


NO EXCUSES ! You were TOO LAZY , to think about others !

From the moment you leave the front door , a person using the Roads , with any mode of Transport , should be thinking " SAFETY FIRST ", considering how their actions would be impacting on OTHERS ! It is not good enough for ANY Road User , to think OTHERS will avoid the consequences of a thoughtless action , they do not read your thoughts , nor all the others in their immediate path ! As i leave the property , i live on , i wait to see if Pedestrians will cross on the pavement , Busses or Tractors on the road . Even if i hear NOTHING , i still check , look BOTH ways , then , if the road is clear , proceed . Back in 1996 , i spent GBP700 having a Fiat Car gearbox and Engine overhauled .
Poking out of driveway , behind a parked car , in a suburban London Street , i was hit , whilst stationary , by a car that had hit another car , avoiding a little old dear getting out of her car . She lost her door , the car hitting me was uninsured and thus my insurance wrote off my car at a value price that barely covered the cost of a replacement , bought from a mate . S#+t happens and rarely a day goes by , that i don't see close misses in traffic .

Recently my blogs have called on UCI to consider entering more fully into the " Cycle Safety Issue "! Each Pro Cyclist in most disciplines needs to use the roads as their primary training venue . Over the years i have met many of those Racers reported as Road Casualties , some have even lost their lives through little fault of theirs , other than being the victim of " Misfortune " or Deliberate and Dangerous Drivers . UCI has the ability to create a " Code of Conduct " that they can IMPOSE on ALL their members . With the numbers of members Worldwide , their action could cause National Cycling  Federations to inform THEIR Community of the need for SANITY on the roads .

National Cycling Federations should be able to communicate to their Media , Nat. Trucking & Bus Org.s and the Cycling Community , the desire to see GOOD Behaviour recognised ? London as an example , seems to have a problem with Trucks versus Cyclists , too often Media reports Tip trucks being involved in the death of yet another Cyclist . Perhaps my views are biased as a result of reading

This blog tends to be very conversant with
so much that is changing in the London
Community . There is definitely a need in every
country for CYCLE SAFETY Blogs and thus i
should like to see UCI create the UMBRELLA
Organisation , allowing Blogs and Safety Org.s
to share their IDEAS , thus benefiting ALL!

As individuals , cyclists are as the mercy of the Powerful Motoring Lobby Groups , so many Politicians require " funding " for their election Campaigns ! Where you and I offer pennies , Trucking Groups offer THOUSANDS of Dollars/Pounds ! WHO would you put your hand out to ? When you consider that my local Polizei Officers say they do NOT ride Local roads , it is TOO Dangerous , then i am sure , it is the same attitude in other countries ?

UCI Code of Conduct for Pro Racers on the roads , should include the requirement to " Salute " the actions of Considerate Drivers ! When other drivers see that there is recognition for " Passing safely at 1 1/2M , using signal lights ", they will think about wanting to be recognised in a similar fashion ? Other Cyclists seeing Pro Racers behaving in this manner , will decide to emulate , since they aspire to be recognised as their Profi " idols "? With " GOODWILL " those that treat each other in this courteous manner , could bring about a lessening of the " Hostilities " that currently exist on the roads .

Having created the " Code of Conduct " , UCI would be duty bound to ASK/DEMAND , ALL Nat. Cycling Fed.s to alert the Media and Heavy Vehicle Associations of this decision and ASK that they canvass THEIR Membership to recognise these efforts and to cooperate . Having given a " salute " i regularly see Trucks/HGV , flash their hazard lights , denoting they have seen my effort to respect their thoughtful behaviour .

When driving my cars , over the years , i have seen Cyclists in my path , it has been necessary to ease my speed , so as to avoid last minute braking , wait for a clear road or the double white lines to finish , before overtaking . During this manouvre , i generally slow indicate overtaking , even go to " hazard lights " whilst waiting , then pass and signal turn back into lane forward . It costs me NOTHING , other than a few flicks on the indicator . What those behind me think , really does not matter ! Were they so stupid that they can't see through a car ? Every so often i will see an idiot pass me , regardless od the double lines OR oncoming traffic , but then there are those with a " death wish " , no matter where they are ?

As those reading these blogs will have noted , i am in favour of ALL Transport Vehicles carrying on their
REAR , a " decal " depicting the " 1 1/2M safe pass " ! Even light vans are difficult to see through , so as a commercial vehicle , should be required to wear this " Decal "?  Those driving those 4x4 vehicles and People movers that obscure the road ahead could also consider those following and decide to join in reminding people that Cyclists do coexist and thus need consideration , even in minor roads ?

As Amy Gillett Foundation has canvassed for " A metre matters " , i display their Photo , BUT , in Europe you will see in almost ALL Cycling friendly countries , the 1 1/2M signs ! Frankly , i feel that even 2M with High sided Vehicles , can be too close ,
if they create " Suction "?

Whilst there are many that do not enjoy my views on Cycling safety , it does no harm , to add your comments !


My original post entry :

  "  Distressing News for Sydney Cyclists as yet another of the Civilian Dawn Patrol , in avoiding a reversing vehicle , loses control and then dies ! Circumstances are similar to so many other incidents , in various parts of the world  !"

Insert on 31 oct 2013 at the request of a 3rd party !

  "  Distressing News for Sydney Cyclists as yet another of the Civilian Dawn Patrol type Cyclist  , in avoiding a statioary  vehicle , brought to a halt  by a reversing vehicle , loses control and then dies ! Circumstances are similar to so many other incidents in various parts of the world  !"

This matter has created considerable public interest and this is reflected in the following article :

In this article appears to be a photo of the " Road Junction ", regretably it does not show the gradients involved ? Considerable comment can be found in this series of replies to the " Forum " , where the incident is being debated . Those with the time , will see that my blogs refer to Cyclist accidents in UK , Italy , USA as well as Australia .There are several reports of my attitude to vehicles that choose to cause me grief , breaking 2 Helmets in the current year , justifies my attitude to the " Compulsory Helmet Law " that is not enforced in Europe for Adults !

Sydney on the 30th October , Brisbane on the 31st , WHO and WHERE NEXT ?

BE SAFE PEOPLE ! Helmets help me but i hate seeing them strapped to the handlebars !

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Dodging the Bullet for the day , or perhaps the rest of the week ? Whatever the period , it was a JOB

Sitting in sunny Austria , watching the News Reports and Internet , i was able to follow a little of what took place . Having many memories of the area and the pleasant interludes , including day trips for lunch , showing overseas visitors the sights and even unpleasant traffic jams passing through the area including during Easter Monday Night 1967 ,after a Weekend trip in South West Queensland .

Constant Media Coverage since last Thursday , has helped me call to mind many weekend trips and places visited . One of those was the Sunday Lunch in a Katoomba Cafe/Restaurant , where as we awaited the main course , a game of Boules was enjoyed with strangers . Nearby there is a " Tramway " that takes you across the Gorges . Another time i passed over the area in a Cessna light aircraft , flown by a Guy who went on to fly for TAA , before the Pilots Strike that caused him to relocate to Europe .

As mentioned in previous Blog posts , in my mid 20s , i lived in Wagga Wagga , whilst working as a Sales rep for a Farm Building production company , that started life as the builder of the Sydney rattlers on the NSW/Sydney Rail System . When the weekends were spent there , i would head over to training sessions with the Volunteer Bushies . Great way to get to meet people as well as learn many useful skills . Coming from life in Sydney to a " Bush Life " , with only a few days in town , meant that you could stand in the bar or get out and volunteer your time . During the week i was sleeping 4 days a week in Motel/hotel situations , so there were evenings to fill and as a result of this i started to organise my travels to coincide with training sessions in other NSW Towns .

Over the years of travelling the Countryside , i was fortunate to be only needed for training . I don't recall being in an area that required me to join an active scene . The late !960s and early 1970s certainly had "Fire Occasions " but i was reading about them , rather than being a participant .

Sydney had a bad scare in January 1994 , i was watching that whilst Skiing in Andorra . Each year since then it seems to me that each of the Australian States suffer " Bush Fires " on a recurring basis , with severe results . In addition , there are also regular Flood occasions that cause loss of property to the community .

With these events bringing hardship to so many people , it comes as no surprise to read that so many people are pitching in to fight for OTHER PEOPLES PROPERTY !

fire fighters have flown and driven from South Australia, Tasmania, Queensland, Victoria and New Zealand. Read more:

 Mateship is one of the foremost qualities of the Australian Character . It is instilled in the Nation's backbone to the extent that , the local scallywag/deadbeat , can find himself doing the same job as the leader of the community , even the Nation's Prime Minister has been seen driving a fire truck  on a 14hr shift :.

The bushfires have been stirring lots of passion on the Herald's letters page, particularly Tony Abbott's cameo with the firies.

  " Mr Abbott was a volunteer firey long before he was elevated to the upper echelons of politics. He is providing a solid role model for all Australians. He should be lauded for this (along with all the other paid and volunteer firies). "

Exchanging his Fire Uniform , his Day Job included a recent visit from Prince Harry in Sydney :

There are of course , those that know better than to roll up their sleeves , they would prefer to write about rather than do !

Poll: Is the time right to make a link between bushfires and climate change?

Poll closed 22 Oct, 2013
These polls are not scientific and reflect the opinion only of visitors who have chosen to participate.

Read more:

Thankyou SMH for the live updates. Have found the RFS website a bit lacking in this Read more: THEY FIGHT you write!

As mentioned above , people are setting aside their DAY JOB and pitching in to save their community , whilst this is going on , School is out , although many of the children are still turning up there , since their Parents will be at work . Amongst the School Community , many of the older Youths are in Exam Season , but rather than studying , they are working on the Fire lines . THere are many whose Exams will have been disrupted , but there is provision for them to attend other Schools to sit and also an escape clause that will allow them to defer to a later date , although i doubt many will be happy to put off an exam after putting in so much preparation ?

The scale of the crisis is such , that many of the most experienced RFS firefighters , are having difficulty recalling more dangerous experiences :

  1. In my 33 years as an RFS member, I've never faced a more challenging fire scenario that we are facing over the next 48 hours.

  2. My wife made this sign- I took to work & look! RT : NSW Governor visited HQ thanking firefighters
NATURE has it's own agenda , it is amazing what can happen from year to year :

Governments try to prepare for ALL Eventualities and that can be said of Australia , just as it was seen recently on the East Coast of India , when a repeat of the 1999 disaster , that cost 10s of Thousands of lives then , resulted in about a 100 lives lost this time through PROPER Contingency planning ! With repeated Bush Fires in Australia , the public have been asked to create their OWN Disaster Plans , so that in the event of an Emergency they can prepare THEIR OWN ACTION PLAN to cope with Nature :

NSW Premier Barry O'Farrell spoke at a press conference from RFS headquaters :

"We are all in this together and we are going to get through this day". "If you haven't prepared yourself, for those in the Blue Mountains, now is the time to leave." "We hope, of course, today's conditions and potential events do not occur. We've planned for the worst but we continue to hope for the best." "Whatever happens today, we are not out of the woods." He said it's too early to tell what the cost to the state will be. But it will be "tens of millions".

With any adversity , there will be those who will try to line their pockets :

  1. "that at a time when so many people have lost their homes it's a good time to try and make some money". Read more:
    • Retweeted Melinda Hayter (@MelindaHayter):
      #Lithgow police say they're disappointed to see looting taking place at evacuated areas on the fire ground. #nswfires
  2. "A coachload of people from Sydney making enquiries about coming up the mountains just to see the fires today "GOT TO BE KIDDING !

There is so much more info available :

My Idea of a " HERO " as i have stated before , is NOT a sporting Star , they may qualify as " legends" or others that people look up to in everyday life .

HERO status , i believe , should be reserved for those that step out of their everyday " role " and put their LIVES AT RISK , for others !

EACH of those that are Volunteering for service in these ardous conditions , deserve the respect of the WHOLE COMMUNITY , some will be held in high esteem by their colleagues and thus can deservedly be described as : " TRUE HEROES " !

SAD Fact to add on 24th Oct :

DAVID BLACK , Rest in Peace ! Gaelic " Ar dheis De go raibh a anam dilis."!May GOD have mercy on his SOUL !

At the going down of the SUN .... WE SHALL REMEMBER HIM !

" He was trying to do the right thing, fighting the fires and for something like this to happen - it’s just tragic. Life just doesn’t seem fair sometimes "

NEVER was so much thanks due to so FEW !