Wednesday, January 5, 2011


ADDITION ON WED 1700gmt 5/1/2011

Having made a comment on CyclingNews Forum i see that LIVESTRONG has "ORG" & "COM" branches and this is something i was not aware of before, certainly that there were ownership issues !

Posting to CNF is a nightmare as i wsh to reply to "Bighog" as i used his entry to offer my ideas and he is due the courtesy of a reply since he has already answered my entry.


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Being a junior member allows "post reply" facility but i fail to see it attached to "Member" or "Senior Member". The Administrator also weighed in and is due the courtesy also. Should a "senior Member" read this "Item" please convey my email to either of these two so that i can reply to their postings : email address

Doug a commenter at offered a site worth visiting, and in time i will

The statistics he offered sound favourable to Livestrong (Org or Com , i have yet to check).

Remember Toyota last year had problems with recall of product ? Well Livestrong also had a recall problem with their "Spinning Machines", out of 500 i am led to believe some have issues. However some wag has asked how the Head of Toyota can be compared to the Head of Livestrong ? Each offers a product and that was the only point i was trying to make. Should the Head of Toyota have a Charitable trust then i apologise for others bringing it into the discussion as i had no idea of that taking place.

Flandis is aware of a US Government Treasury procedure where you collect 10% of ANY recovery of funds either by your or the Government efforts. Any Us citizen can question how US Taxes are expended and get an investigation underway then the Government treasury can step in and take over and you still benefit if there are grounds for recovery of funds paid out in any fashion. Flandis initiated this procedure last year and there are reports that Government Officials are flying hither and thither and some of these involved have "Reputations" for kicking over anthills.

Who knows where the story will end but i have met flandis on bike several times and really did not take a liking to his personality. He more than likely felt the same way about yours truly, for many riding with a 65yo aussie is not the best way to pass time. There are others who call for me to join them even if only for the entertainment. Still others recognise my efforts to help "Adaptive/Physically Challenged/Para Sports Athletes"

This story has grown legs so more will follow.

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