Saturday, January 29, 2011


Controversy was created by SI article this week whilst Lance was in Adelaide ! Does anyone remember how many times these same accusations have done the rounds ?

SSDD(same shit, different day) certainly applies when the media get going . Do the hacks get paid by the word or article?

Below is a link to an article i saw this week and i think it is worth a read :

Books have already been written but more are certainly in the works.

Much is made of flandis who having concocted his version of past events is hoping that paying out a few bucks to start a furore thinks he is now on easy street . Retirement from the Peleton was long overdue but i would caution him not to think about let alone spend any money he thinks is coming from the US Treasury.

Addition from Cyclocosm 9/2/2011

This item regarding USPostal Team ownership came to my attention :

Hope you will take the time to read & for their views and the commentary of their followers .

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