Friday, December 24, 2010


Tomalaris recently wrote a blog article which i thought offensive and denigrating to Sydney Cyclists.

Yesterday i found on Cycling Central yet another offensive and denigrating blog entry but this time by Gomez, below is my reply. I also commented on the Daily Telegraph site enclosing a google link referring to the attached comment:

" The article was an "April Fools Day joke"? Right? Thought Cycling Central was about supporting cycling in all it's aspects ! Gomes & Tomolaris recently

both seem to sit on their butt in a vehicle and denigrate cyclists, will the next articles they write be about the "wittisms" they call out to passing cyclists or even worse what they offer as they pull alongside a cyclist that they choose to offer advice. Worldwide the English speaking cycling blogs tend to highlight the frustration that everyone is experiencing as they try to ride to their destination in safety. Cadel today tweeted another cycling casualty, who knows what the circumstances are other than the father was on the scene. Politicians worldwide are taking up and talking up cycling as they realise the benefits to their electorate. We all know of the minority who cannot cook and are useless motoring correspondents who denigrate cyclists so as to grab the "headlines/sound bites" , guess we will see the "anti cycling Lobby" now quoting "Tomalaris/Gomez" to reinforce their point of view.

Marc of Gympie is correct in saying more consideration should be given to where bike lanes are. On the Tour de Suisse i had to ride up hills without bike lanes but going down the hill there was a bike lane, now what does that tell you ? Personally i thought the slow cyclist needed the protection , not those descending at or above the speed limit. Thecyclingsilk.blogspot recently wrote the "Home Sec. of the UK" to ask that there be more uniformity of Police/CPS attitudes towards cyclists, every where there is a variation in attitudes to cycling. On the harbour there are rules and generally you give way to the smaller vessel and the bigger vessel is held liable in an incident and generally the vehicle running up the rear of another is held liable. When Insurance Companies start cancelling the policy or increasing the premiums of Vehicles held responsible or involved in cycle accidents we will see a marked change in driver attitudes, no longer will some see how close they can get to spoiling a cyclist's day. Whereever i am in the world i see people in every form of locomotion breaking "rules" imposed to achieve a level playing field, "Throwing a "Uey", running a red light, Jay walking, we are all as bad as each other but it is the attitude we adopt to each other that needs modifying. Tolerance seems to have disappeared as we all leave everything till the last moment and then look for the excuse to present as justification for our late arrival. Take a look at 's latest contest, in fact any of his blog entries and have a good laugh , lighten up and don't jump down the throat of the next person who breaks a law( Don't throw stones in glasshouses) ! Happy Festive season and safe cycling in the New Year. "

What more can i say , other than Cyclists should ALL decide to put on Cycling Clothes, put their bike on the roof of the car , post a large explanation note on each side of the car and each first monday of the month everywhere in the world and join the rush hour to and from work and let those naysayers realise not only how WE the cyclists have helped reduce congestion but ALSO how many of us CHOOSE not to drive during this period of time.

Could the Cycling Fraternity consider how this idea alone would drive home the message that people currently choose to ignore.

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