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TOMMO : The voice from Oz !

Twitter crosses time lines and grabs attention , occasionally provokes responses ! Just such a case took place these past coupl of days :                          

                         Michael Tomalaris
                     Michael Tomalaris     

How about collectively wishing all the best for tomorrow's      
@. A sports journo who practice what he preaches.

My reply :

skippy mc carthyskippy mc carthy @skippydetour23 Mar
@miketomalaris @rupertguinness @IMAsiaPacific Wasn't he the Guy on Holiday when USADA came to light ? Now singing a diff. tune? Rolled over?

Michael Tomalaris
@skippydetour @rupertguinness You're a dead-set goose Skippy! And you wonder why we flick you....

Not happy with this response , i decided to look for the link that caused me to remind " Tommo " of Rupert Guinness's previous acceptance of Lance's " Dubious " performance .

  1. IT DOES ME ! Read my Blog ?

    Whilst i was on that search , the following Tweet appeared , so i responded with my two cents worth :

    1. A new-look TV is coming to ! More details soon.
    Does this mean you won't be misleading the PUBLIC? Looking back for source material on the flick ! onya
Does this mean you won't be misleading the PUBLIC? Looking back for source material on the flick ! onya

Next days i will add more to this Post , as i found a treasure trove of comments on " Tommo's performance " on SBS TV !

 "  Originally Posted by sittingbison
Darryl, Anthony Tan and Mike Tomolaris on SBS here in Australia (which is the cycling TV channel) just could not bring themselves to say "Armstrong is found guilty", it was all prevarication and misdirection. Weasel Words.

I haven't checked (will try to do so today), but I suspect Rupert Guinness the main cycling journo has not come forth either. Although he did tweet he was blacklisted by lance 2002-2004, and did not turn his back on journo mates like David Walsh."

  "  It depresses me that mainstream journos cannot even now get their facts straight, reporting such drivel as "never tested positive" or "USADA has no authority". Good grief.

EDIT: Rupert Guinness just tweeted he apologises for not commenting yet, was on private time with his family, and would comment fully on his return
I have always found him forthright and credible, looking forward to his opinion
Phil Anderson has defended Armstrong.

Tomalaris uses figleaf "alleged".   "

  "  Most so called journalists , especially the cycling ones, knew years ago re Armstrong ( and many others )and are as guilty as the peloton in keeping the omarta and spinning the myth.
I've had more than one chat , off the record ,confirming that.
Most are simply advertorial yarn tellers with ****** all concern with the injustice,s and there job is less about telling truth than it is about making there magazine/ paper a place for advertisers.  "

  "  Probably because most of the teams have made donations to the Verbruggen McQuaid Pension Fund.

After 20 years of this I have become so cynical now I call it "cash for negatives".

In fact I wonder why I even follow cycling at this moment in time.  "


  "  Australian Taxpayers revolt: Time to go Tomo!

I understand that Tomalaris has done and continues to do a lot for Australian Cycling but his commentary and hosting is becoming much beyond bareable. It is a disgrace and has been throughout the tour.

SBS is a partially Government funded Network and I believe it is time we stopped paying for his ****!   "

  "  I'm an aussie and fan of Cadel (for his determination and spirit at last years TDF and the first couple of weeks of this years) but I agree with Apollonius. SBS coverage is very good - a few inopportune ad breaks aside - and when you consider we have had live coverage of 3 monuments; the giro; tour and coming up the vuelta all on free to air TV I don't think we should be complaining! Sure at times Tomo says some stupid things but talking on live TV unscripted is much harder than ppl realise. I'm sure if you (or anyone else) had to talk for 5-10 minutes in between uncertain live crosses and sometimes tactiturn co-commentators you'd also be prone to the odd inanity. If one of the ex pros like scotty sunderland could step up to present they would. Fact is that they couldn't. If you think Tomo is bad imagine if we had to endure 'the tanman' for 10mins at the end of each stage.. His shameful podcasts uncover just how poor his cycling knowledge is and what a posing pouncy ****er he is. At least Tomo isn't that!

  "  Tomo just jumps on the bandwagon of whoever is winning. He is painful but a bit better than he used to be. "

  "  Tomo is ok in small doses ... remember we want to keep cycling on SBS unlike the farce that was the tour down under coverage on channel nine ...... please, please dont wish the Tan Man upon us .... I turn channels or fast forward when i know he's coming on ....... the pick of the bunch is clearly Matt Keenan ..... but be careful what you wish for ...... I do agree however that his comments re Cadel and ditching the Tour for the Giro etc were ill timed.     "

  "  Yes please, I refuse to watch Tomo unless Tan is alongside.   "

  "  We do have them! At least they understand Cycling unlike Tomo.    "

  "  Tomo seems to have gone from Cadel being the next coming to making it sound like he should be thrown on the scrapheap (which Cadel does not deserve).
- Don't really like Rupert Guinness but can't really explain why just one of those things. "

  "  Maybe I was a little hasty but the calls that Cadel's career was over which was said multiple times by Tomo shows how naive and stupid he really is.  "

  "  Mackenzie sometimes seems to wince at what Tomo is saying which is quite amusing.  "

  "  Tomo's also needs to work on his pronunciation of French place names - he has the most ocker speech of any SBS presenter!  "

  "  Yes he does say some stupid things on the spur of the moment but I think I have become used to it and can overlook it.  "

  "  Speaking of commercials tho - what's with all the erection medication ads during the tour. Are they implying cyclists are soft c**ks? lol

  "  he is an absolute top bloke in person when he is not 'working'  "

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