Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Whilst I am whizzing around the Ski Slopes and the bike is idle , Oz is being treated to a Cycle Race Fest ! Interestingly enough there are many new faces emerging that will push the envelope and create additional excitement this year for the Australian Cycle Race fans . GreenEdge Team has scored it’s first Race Victory with Gillow in one of the Women’s Races but the victory of Chloe Hosking and the subsequent press interview was the story which has grabbed the headlines ! What is the difference between Women and Male Cycle Racers ? Men are guaranteed a minimum wage level and the Women can look after themselves as far as the UCI are concerned ! Photo of a worker !
Currently “ Cycling Australia ” are seeking an apology from Chloe Hosking for her remarks last weekend about Mc Quack otherwise known as a “ D**K ”, or that was Chloe’s description of this colourful nonentity ! Cycling Australia can shove it when they cannot support the women in their quest for fair treatment ! Expecting Aussies to fly the flag on the smell of an oily rag is just not on in this century and Mc Quack knows this as he has been reported to have been an event organiser before he was allowed to hijack the office of “ President of UCIless ”! Photo of a winner !
Just what do the Women pay annual dues to UCIless for , if not for fair treatment and FULL SUPPORT ? Are the Women’s Annual Dues less than a Male payment and thus they are treated in a lesser manner and given less support ? Aussies have always called a spade a shovel and it is time the other Aussie Women spoke out in support of Chloe , and Mc Quack can go whistle ! Should those speculating in the CNF Mushroom Farm have their way then Chloe’s description would have been correct ! From my point of view UCIless needs to go to work and see that the Women are no longer exploited and thus treated with more respect . Cycling Australia needs to get behind the movement for a “ Liveable Minimum Wage for Women ” comparable to that of the men ! What have you lost this time ?
BEST WISHES TO THE WOMEN RACERS FOR 2012 ! You were the Road racers that brought Oz the Gold Medals in the past and you can do it again at London 2012 Sources http://www.cyclingnews.com/news/hosking-to-apologize-for-remarks-to-mcquaid http://www.cyclingnews.com/news/hosking-takes-swipe-at-pat-mcquaid

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