Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Info Scout Activity

Since 9th Dec I have enjoyed a variety of skiing conditions . The first days were in limited areas since the snow available was manmade the result of the snow cannons which were able to operate when the temperature was cold enough .
Eventually the real snow arrived and the photo is of some tracks I made early Sunday morning whilst only a few snowboards were about and able to chop up the scene . Since the 17th December there have been a few more snowy nights but with the temperature being above zero the resulting snow has produced wet powder which takes great effort to get through . Memories of Utah Champagne Powder conditions on my visit in 1993 leaves me frustrated and hoping that eventually a day will come when I get amongst Powder snow that is worth the effort . Photo of 3 Para Skiers who chose to visit Mayrhofen with their friends , their annual visits have been jeopardised by the story related elsewhere .
Those of you that are with Facebook would do well to publish that story on your wall . My request for you to do so OR “ unfriend ” me appears at present to have fallen on deaf ears ! New year resolutions are difficult to keep but you can be sure that I am intent on succeeding ! Saddened to hear that the Northern Territory of Oz is suffering flooding once more , hopefully the series of disasters from early 2011 will not be repeated this year . Am surprised to see little coverage of the Sydney -Hobart yacht race to date but saw some photos of the stormy weather around the Sydney Eastern beaches .

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