Tuesday, October 14, 2014

SKYPE or SH#te !

Not having a lot to say , i have not been using " Sh#te " for several months . Somewhere after i gave them a renewal of Eu10 , they decided to confiscate Eu9.44 , because they said that i was not using it as regularly as they would wish .

This morning i was having trouble using a new mobile phone unit to send a text/SMS , so i tried to use " Sh#te " . Well i didn't get to use it , as mentioned above , i am off the air .  Having sent a message , i was required at about midday to send a new message .

Returning about 1500hrs i find that there was a NEW Code to enter !

Message after MISSING the 3hr limit by MINUTES !

Sorry but due to security reasons you are limited to the number of temporary codes received each day. You have reached that limit today, Please try again in 24 hours.

So NOW i sit about for another DAY ?

They have MY MONEY and they are STOPPING ME from using IT ?

1 comment:

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