Monday, March 24, 2014

7th April 2014 , a CHANGE of Driving Attitude ?

Queensland Drivers will be reminded in the next weeks , that the " Highway Code " that they learnt , in order to gain their " Driver Permit " , had behaviours towards Cyclists as part of those items that they had to absorb " Parrot Fashion "!  That they promptly set about driving in a way , that was contrary to the manner expected of them , is apparent from the " Punishment Passes "  many inflict on Cyclists , daily !

On 7th April 2014 , those that continue to treat Cyclists as a " nuisance " , will find that there are Penalties that will hurt their Pocket , as well as earn them DEMERIT Points , that can/will lead to them finding other means of Transport , as their vehicle sits at home . Perhaps they will be humble enough to use a BIKE , to continue their daily activities ?

European Law forms some of the Basis of the Australian Highway Code , but it is principally a copy of the UK " Highway Code " , with it's many defects !  Whereas EU Law has " Strict Liability " , the UK Law does not , thus the DEAD Victim has NO RIGHTS ! They are not there to PROVE that the perpetrator was not compliant with Road Rules that require a Standard of Behaviour to others ?  SMIDSY ( sorry mate i didn't see you ) is trotted out , when the incident is in the midday sun and with as much as a kilometre of straight road in front of them !  Indeed the UK has an " AA org. " whose latest survey of members found that 93% of respondents do not see Cyclists as they drive ! Wonder why Opticians have to advertise when they have so many in need of their services ?

When travelling in Europe , the motorist will find that most countries have the 1 1/2M Safe Pass of Cyclists sign VISIBLE , mainly at the exit of a City and the start of an uphill section . France has these signs at the bottom of just about every " Col " in the Alps , Jura & Pyrennees !

What it ALL comes down to , is that the MEDIA class CYCLISTS as a " subhuman Species " ! Pull on a Lycra outfit and YOU , are no longer a Father/Mother , Son/Daughter , Grandparent , Friend/Colleague ! I wear Lycra each day , except on days like today , when snow is falling , almost the whole day . Lycra does not make me any different to any other Blogger , yet as soon as i get on the Bike , the Media regard me as WHAT ?

Tony Abbott on the Sunday of Election Weekend was shown WORLDWIDE , riding his bike ! Since then there has been plenty of time for him to make his views known on Cycling Issues , yet , even though i trawl Aussie websites also , there has been NOTHING , that i have found ! Nor has there been links by others !

" Show Tony " has been visible recently with a variety of issues , but even though they demand plenty of his time , it is inconceivable that he has given up riding the bike , even if only in the Gym ?

What " show tony " needs to do , if he is MAN ENOUGH , is to see that :

1/  Strict Liability is introduced to Federal Parliament in the form of an Urgent Bill .

2/  Australia adopts the 1 1/2M Safe Pass Laws introduced in Queensland on 7th April 2014.

TWO very simple measures that can be treated with urgency , YET , which politician has the GUTS ?

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