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FATALITIES GROW ! Complacency ?

Distressing News for Sydney Cyclists as yet another of the Civilian Dawn Patrol , in avoiding a reversing vehicle , loses control and then dies ! Circumstances are similar to so many other incidents in various parts of the world  !"

SMIDSY is alive and continues to be the " watch word " , for those who chose to regard Cyclists , as below consideration ? Leaving Private property or driving off a suburban street onto another , perhaps busier street , seems to require NO Consideration by the average motorist ? Clad in their metal box , some seem to think they are invulnerable , when encountering a Cyclist .

The incident reported here , bears investigation , but it appears that 6 Cyclists were about their lawful business , when an " impatient " motorist , thought that they were important enough , to interfere with traffic flow ? On this occasion , it appears that a vehicle leaving a private property , brought other vehicles to a stop in an area that , because of restricted vision allowed following traffic limited opportunity to come to a stop in a timely manner ?

 Too often a motorist , arrives home , drives straight onto their property , thus requiring the vehicle to be reversed into traffic on the next occasion it is required . WHAT is too hard about , reversing into the driveway entrance , so that the vehicle can be driven forward into the street when required ?


YOUR FAV. TV Programme was about to start ?


NO EXCUSES ! You were TOO LAZY , to think about others !

From the moment you leave the front door , a person using the Roads , with any mode of Transport , should be thinking " SAFETY FIRST ", considering how their actions would be impacting on OTHERS ! It is not good enough for ANY Road User , to think OTHERS will avoid the consequences of a thoughtless action , they do not read your thoughts , nor all the others in their immediate path ! As i leave the property , i live on , i wait to see if Pedestrians will cross on the pavement , Busses or Tractors on the road . Even if i hear NOTHING , i still check , look BOTH ways , then , if the road is clear , proceed . Back in 1996 , i spent GBP700 having a Fiat Car gearbox and Engine overhauled .
Poking out of driveway , behind a parked car , in a suburban London Street , i was hit , whilst stationary , by a car that had hit another car , avoiding a little old dear getting out of her car . She lost her door , the car hitting me was uninsured and thus my insurance wrote off my car at a value price that barely covered the cost of a replacement , bought from a mate . S#+t happens and rarely a day goes by , that i don't see close misses in traffic .

Recently my blogs have called on UCI to consider entering more fully into the " Cycle Safety Issue "! Each Pro Cyclist in most disciplines needs to use the roads as their primary training venue . Over the years i have met many of those Racers reported as Road Casualties , some have even lost their lives through little fault of theirs , other than being the victim of " Misfortune " or Deliberate and Dangerous Drivers . UCI has the ability to create a " Code of Conduct " that they can IMPOSE on ALL their members . With the numbers of members Worldwide , their action could cause National Cycling  Federations to inform THEIR Community of the need for SANITY on the roads .

National Cycling Federations should be able to communicate to their Media , Nat. Trucking & Bus Org.s and the Cycling Community , the desire to see GOOD Behaviour recognised ? London as an example , seems to have a problem with Trucks versus Cyclists , too often Media reports Tip trucks being involved in the death of yet another Cyclist . Perhaps my views are biased as a result of reading

This blog tends to be very conversant with
so much that is changing in the London
Community . There is definitely a need in every
country for CYCLE SAFETY Blogs and thus i
should like to see UCI create the UMBRELLA
Organisation , allowing Blogs and Safety Org.s
to share their IDEAS , thus benefiting ALL!

As individuals , cyclists are as the mercy of the Powerful Motoring Lobby Groups , so many Politicians require " funding " for their election Campaigns ! Where you and I offer pennies , Trucking Groups offer THOUSANDS of Dollars/Pounds ! WHO would you put your hand out to ? When you consider that my local Polizei Officers say they do NOT ride Local roads , it is TOO Dangerous , then i am sure , it is the same attitude in other countries ?

UCI Code of Conduct for Pro Racers on the roads , should include the requirement to " Salute " the actions of Considerate Drivers ! When other drivers see that there is recognition for " Passing safely at 1 1/2M , using signal lights ", they will think about wanting to be recognised in a similar fashion ? Other Cyclists seeing Pro Racers behaving in this manner , will decide to emulate , since they aspire to be recognised as their Profi " idols "? With " GOODWILL " those that treat each other in this courteous manner , could bring about a lessening of the " Hostilities " that currently exist on the roads .

Having created the " Code of Conduct " , UCI would be duty bound to ASK/DEMAND , ALL Nat. Cycling Fed.s to alert the Media and Heavy Vehicle Associations of this decision and ASK that they canvass THEIR Membership to recognise these efforts and to cooperate . Having given a " salute " i regularly see Trucks/HGV , flash their hazard lights , denoting they have seen my effort to respect their thoughtful behaviour .

When driving my cars , over the years , i have seen Cyclists in my path , it has been necessary to ease my speed , so as to avoid last minute braking , wait for a clear road or the double white lines to finish , before overtaking . During this manouvre , i generally slow indicate overtaking , even go to " hazard lights " whilst waiting , then pass and signal turn back into lane forward . It costs me NOTHING , other than a few flicks on the indicator . What those behind me think , really does not matter ! Were they so stupid that they can't see through a car ? Every so often i will see an idiot pass me , regardless od the double lines OR oncoming traffic , but then there are those with a " death wish " , no matter where they are ?

As those reading these blogs will have noted , i am in favour of ALL Transport Vehicles carrying on their
REAR , a " decal " depicting the " 1 1/2M safe pass " ! Even light vans are difficult to see through , so as a commercial vehicle , should be required to wear this " Decal "?  Those driving those 4x4 vehicles and People movers that obscure the road ahead could also consider those following and decide to join in reminding people that Cyclists do coexist and thus need consideration , even in minor roads ?

As Amy Gillett Foundation has canvassed for " A metre matters " , i display their Photo , BUT , in Europe you will see in almost ALL Cycling friendly countries , the 1 1/2M signs ! Frankly , i feel that even 2M with High sided Vehicles , can be too close ,
if they create " Suction "?

Whilst there are many that do not enjoy my views on Cycling safety , it does no harm , to add your comments !


My original post entry :

  "  Distressing News for Sydney Cyclists as yet another of the Civilian Dawn Patrol , in avoiding a reversing vehicle , loses control and then dies ! Circumstances are similar to so many other incidents , in various parts of the world  !"

Insert on 31 oct 2013 at the request of a 3rd party !

  "  Distressing News for Sydney Cyclists as yet another of the Civilian Dawn Patrol type Cyclist  , in avoiding a statioary  vehicle , brought to a halt  by a reversing vehicle , loses control and then dies ! Circumstances are similar to so many other incidents in various parts of the world  !"

This matter has created considerable public interest and this is reflected in the following article :

In this article appears to be a photo of the " Road Junction ", regretably it does not show the gradients involved ? Considerable comment can be found in this series of replies to the " Forum " , where the incident is being debated . Those with the time , will see that my blogs refer to Cyclist accidents in UK , Italy , USA as well as Australia .There are several reports of my attitude to vehicles that choose to cause me grief , breaking 2 Helmets in the current year , justifies my attitude to the " Compulsory Helmet Law " that is not enforced in Europe for Adults !

Sydney on the 30th October , Brisbane on the 31st , WHO and WHERE NEXT ?

BE SAFE PEOPLE ! Helmets help me but i hate seeing them strapped to the handlebars !

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