Sunday, June 23, 2013


There are those that think they are above the Law , using " Social Media " to espouse their " irrational views on their take on LIFE ! Apparently CYCLISTS are the target of a couple of examples of low life , that have commented recently , on the deaths of 2 "older generation Cyclists " ! Not knowing anything of the cyclists killed , i can only say that they will have contributed to their community in any number of ways over their lifetime !

What can be said of the subjects of this article ?

It is apparent from the quotes , that these low lifes , do not realise that they are in for an unenjoyable period , if not from the Police , then from their Employers , WHO should be boycotted , whilst they remain at the wheel of what the consider , as a " Killing Machine "!

There are so many " careless and thoughtless Drivers " , out there that , it would be a full time job for the courts , to deal with even a minority of the Driving Offences that occur on a DAILY BASIS !

Won\t bother to name these " lowlifes " but hope they get the swift justice , that their views demand ?

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