Friday, May 18, 2012


Whilst at the Giro d 'Italia i have little opportunity to access a computer so the photos are piling up and so is the frustration .

Those who follow Twitter and people like the GreenEDGE team and @Richie_porte will have seen recently a photo of me sitting on my butt !

Briefly , i should like to thank Matt White for getting out of the team car to check my health , a really generous thing to do whilst doing a difficult job . Also it should be said that whoever used his camera to take the photo is a quick thinker !

Please ask anyone who has seen this photo to email the links so that i can add the photo to this post !


Having driven from Denmark in 15 hours to Kramsach where i currently live , i replaced the bikes used in Denmark with the recently resprayed Pink Bike . After a nights sleep i drove through to Verona area and parked at the Liquigas Hotel about 10km from Verona . Using the bike for the first time since testing after the rebuild i headed towards Verona looking for action . Travelling down a slight grade , i spotted a Squad heading my way . Saw a Petrol station on my left before the squad would arrive so headed in there quite quickly . Regretably the surface was gravelly so skidded to the amusement of the Guys .

 Hit the head three times rapidly and sat up to find Matt White at my side .  Knowing that i knew his name and where i was he accepted that i would survive so went back to work . After straightening the handlebars and checking ALL was working as it should i headed on into Verona and started mixing it up with the other Racers out training .

Luckily i had been to visit RUDY when i was with the Giro del Trentino so when i got back to the car i was releived to see the new helmet was there . Funnily enough before starting into Verona i had been talking to RUDY's man , Ivan , at the Camper he uses to entertain the Racers about the new helmet . I NEVER CYCLE until i put the helmet and glasses in place !

IF IT CAN HAPPEN TO ME let's hope it won't happen to YOU !

HELMET and Glasses are as necessary as Brakes , DO NOT LEAVE ANYWHERE until they are in place !

 Yesterday i rode with a Lady Olympian , she nearly left the coffee break without her helmet . Like me she is so used to not taking it off , and so does not notice that it is in place , it is a fact of life for us both !

Helmets do not spoil your hair do BUT gravel rash or a more SERIOUS INJURY will do more that spoil your day !

SAFE CYCLING starts with the correct equipment and for 14 years RUDY PROJECT have made my life safer !

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