Saturday, November 26, 2011


George Christensen rides the world as and I refer to him in my Blog posts as Georgethecyclist ! Reading of his recent exploits I found in the comments that he also is on “ face book ” so having the page constantly open I inserted his name in the “ search window “ and came up with the picture of him with “ El Diablo ” now it was clear that this was him . When I clicked onto the option “ Friend ” I found that I was told that I was “ Spamming” and I was suspended for 48hrs ! Another occasion comes to mind when I clicked on “ Jani Brankovich ” having ridden with him on many occasion at a variety of Pro Tour events it is quite conceivable that he has told “ face book” to refuse my application ! Does anyone believe that ? No way ! Fact is “ Facebook ” when I had less than 100 followers was of no value to me and at 2300 + it still provides me with NOTHING ! OK so occasionally I see a photo that I can use or an article that I will visit , but essentially face book is a waste of MB’s and I will now tell you WHY ! As people “ Request ” and you confirm there are usually 4 friends offered which I click on thinking that this could help my purpose to “ Help ” Para Athletes ! In June I wanted to give away some Tyres to “ Para Athletes “ and so ran a competition with some inner tubes going to the winning proposer as an incentive . Nobody complied with the request although about a dozen clicked onto the post . After my birthday greetings from about a hundred of the “ friends ” I put up a post as a way of thanking those that did this and referred them back to the Competition post . Several took a look and nobody commented . Mark Telford’s photo caught my attention in the earlier times and like other “ Wheelchair ” Athletes I clicked on the “ Request ”button . Later after the failure to get a response to the “ Comp. ” I sent him a message asking for his assessment . Still awaiting a reply ! Now if those I am trying to assist are uninterested in helping their community , WHY should I bother ? Facebook has given me a “ WAKE UP “ call and so I will find better ways of spending my resources from here on . Those who wish to follow my future activities can follow @Skippydetour on twitter or can sign on or bookmark my Blogs which probably will be canned also . No doubt there are some who will wish to add their comment privately on email : NOBODY is going to be able to tell “ face book ” that they make mistakes BUT do I care ? NO !

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